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About fire alarm 6 care for house

Last update date March 11, 2019

If fire alarm for house is dirty

When fire alarm for house has dust, it becomes hard to sense fire. We confirm once a year, and let's wipe off with dry cloth when we are dirty.

About the operation check

We pull drawstring falling down from the fire alarm body for house to confirm whether fire alarm for house operates properly or the operation will check button by pushing once a year to a minimum.

In addition, please check as check method may vary according to maker and models after seeing instruction manual.

※When there is abnormality, please talk with customer service of store of purchase or maker.
※As danger such as fall or fall is accompanied, please work safely.

The operation check button

About time of exchange

  • Life of the alarm body is around ten years. Let's change alarm after the setting using ten years as an indication.
  • As we inform by sound and attention sound when battery runs out, let's change battery to new thing.

※It varies according to the use situation, but life of battery of recent alarm is around ten years.
※Sound and attention sound running out of battery stop in 72 hours. When we were out more than three days, we operate
Let's check.


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