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We are careful about inappropriate visit suppliers

Last update date March 13, 2019

Let's warn non-appropriate visit supplier.

The outbreak situation of trouble in 1 Yokohama-shi

Troubles accompanied with check of fire extinguisher and refilling of drug occur frequently nationwide.
Outbreak was reported without being seized with business style including company dormitory and nursing home any place other than office, factory, school, the article store even if we put in Yokohama-shi.
More cases occur when we include visit and example such as declining on the telephone beforehand.
"Is careful about such tricks"; please warn so that to does not meet damage in reference to "point of preventing of trouble".

We are careful about 2 such tricks!

1.We call and let you get an illusion as if it is contract supplier the day before or on that day.
2.When we visited, we are dressed like contract supplier persuasively.
3.We collect fire extinguisher quickly when we consent to check ambiguously.
4.We sign contract without explaining contents and demand seal.

Point of preventing of 3 troubles

1.For the presentation of identification cards such as certificates such as employee ID card, firefighting equipment person, we confirm whether it is contract supplier. We have confirmation (copy or memo) of full name, Address, contact information on this occasion.
2.When there is contract supplier, in communication with contract supplier, we confirm check use or nonuse.
3.We request quotation before contract.
4.We confirm mention contents well by all means before signing contracts.
5.Other than the person in charge of contract, we do not do signature and seal in contract.
6.We publicize check conduct day of fire extinguisher (facilities for firefighting) to employees.

Trouble solution becomes very difficult once because contract is established when we sign contract.
Enforcement to (including part-time job, contracted employee, temporary employee) such as employees particularly in charge of reception desk, well-known enforcement toward the teller become the key to prevention of trouble.

4 trouble examples

Example in company dormitory
▼Example in company dormitory:
There was telephone contact from supplier saying "we want to hear from refilling of expired fire extinguisher" and we thought that caretaker which we received was usual supplier and consented. One man came on the day after next and we went around the dormitory and loaded car with 17 among all fire extinguisher and demanded from caretaker to sign document. We have signed without confirming contents well as caretaker had a small character of documents. Man left several substitute fire extinguisher. A few days later, original contract supplier came to dormitory, and it was revealed that it was non-appropriate check of fire extinguisher.
◎Bill fire extinguisher 17 refilling about 270,000 yen
Example in pay nursing home
▼Example in pay nursing home:
There was a phone call from supplier saying "we will hear from check of fire extinguisher tomorrow", and supplier appeared by van car on the next day and packed 15 fire extinguisher into car and we showed paper in four occasions to office manager and demanded signature. We thought that it was usual check and have signed. It was contract which after opening paper which we signed, and confirming contents well, requested unreasonable amount of money after supplier returned. Office manager called supplier immediately, but it was said, "the price for thing that we checked as we had already checked eight fire extinguisher cannot return fire extinguisher if we did not have you pay".
◎Bill fire extinguisher 15 refilling about 130,000 yen
Prevention of trouble example at large-scale retail store
◆Prevention of trouble example at large-scale retail store:

There was a phone call for woman hotness for granted saying "we will hear from check of fire extinguisher tomorrow". Man comes to the store the next day and says, "it goes around the shop for check of fire extinguisher" and says, "you must repack immediately" afterwards. As man became vague, we contacted manager and declined refilling with saying that staff heard "did you let pass the head office?" by instructions of manager.

Coping method when we encountered 5 troubles

When you encounter trouble, you contact the nearest fire department Prevention Division promptly, and please talk. In addition, please note the next matter.

(1) Cooling off

Even if it is company, not personal house, there is judgment that application of cooling off system was accepted. Please talk with the following window even if you exchange contract or memorandum without paying easily.

(2) Records such as remarks of non-appropriate visit supplier

It is thought about on consultation with lawyer insisting on invalidity and fraud of contract by mistake if we record remark of non-appropriate visit supplier and the trick in detail.

(3) Contact to the police

Arrested example includes non-appropriate visit supplier in violent threat-like behavior. If there are any such behaviors, you record and contact the nearest police department , and please talk.
Please consult with the nearest fire department Prevention Division if you have any questions.
In addition, consultation about trouble about door-to-door sales goes at the following window.
Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center (the outside site)
1-6-1, Kamiookanishi, Kounan-ku yumeooka office tower 4.5 floor
Consumer life consultation
<consultation time> from Monday to Friday (9:30-16:00)
(as for 12:00-13:00 only as for the telephone consultation)
Telephone 045-845-7722

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