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About vicious door-to-door sales

Last update date March 12, 2019

For vicious door-to-door sales being careful!

At City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau and fire department, we may not sell alarms door-to-door.
Please be careful about goods of poor quality and vicious door-to-door sales enough.

Please be careful about goods of poor quality and vicious door-to-door sales.

Vicious visit distributor is going to deceive you by such a trick.
Technique 1 of trickTechnique 2 of trickTechnique 3 of trickTechnique 4 of trick

We pretend to be staff of fire station, staff of municipalities

Fan a sense of fear, threaten

We emphasize special price

We do not give time to think

An example of vicious door-to-door sales. Such a damage is given. Let's be careful.

Example 1 (the Yokohama city)

Example 2 (the Kanto district)

Example 3 (the Kanagawa prefecture)

(supplier) "Setting of fire alarm for house is made mandatory by law and must install. There are penal regulations, too. It costs one 50,000 yen." → As "price was high, we declined.

(supplier) "We think that he/she knows by circulation of city, but installation of smoke sensor for house is liable in laws and ordinances and is to walk this district for installation today. Rate is cash, but is not coming to do loss as by 50,000 returns every year from city." → "It was attached to three and paid price about 280,000 yen."

Person of fire department says that came, "general family has a duty to install fire alarm for house. We said, we already established other places and we entered family and have installed apparatus in ceiling of kitchen. We paid 20,000 yen and did not come back with leaving when partner brought receipt. We do not know company name and the name.

As soon as thought questioningly; consultation!

Cooling off system is applied to door-to-door sales of fire alarm for house. If we seem to be some doubt and feel in anxiety, please consult about inquiry to consumer life synthesis center.

Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center
[Reception hours] From 9:30 to 16:00 (from 12:00 on 13:00, Saturday, Sunday only as for the telephone consultation)
※Consumer life consultation has days (from holiday, year-end and New Year December 29 except January 3)

Telephone 045-845-6666

With cooling off that can remove contract unconditionally

When door-to-door sales contract about specific business once, it is system that it was said that consumers can cancel contract freely for a certain period of time. Company cannot request the damage compensation, cancelation cost from consumers. When we tell a lie about cooling off, and company threatens and interferes with consumers turning off cooling, there is cooling off even if it is past period.

Matter necessary for cooling off

Three following matters are necessary for cooling off.
Please keep memo by all means.
●Date when we contracted
●Article name and the price of fire alarm for house
●Company and the person in charge, representative who sold

Period when cooling-off is possible

Door-to-door sales (home visit sale, hypnosis commercial law ・
Confidence game appointment sales)

Eight days
(including day when we received contract)
Notice method of cooling-off
■Example of form of postcard
  1. We notify in writing by all means (we do not call)
  2. We do appearance of postcard to representative of supplier who contracted.
  3. We copy with both sides of postcard and save.
  4. Let's send postcard by delivery record mail.
  5. We notify sale on credit company when payment is credit.

Illustration of postcard which showed notice style of cooling off(image: 31KB)
We are greatly displayed when we click postcard

Information creator: Preventive part Prevention Division
Information making day: 2006. 7. 28

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