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Asbestos measures situation of public buildings

Final update date March 26, 2021

In principle, for facilities that were determined to be "enclosed facilities" and "facilities that do not take immediate measures" in a fact-finding survey of facilities using asbestos-containing spraying materials under Fire Bureau" and "Facilities that do not implement countermeasures for the time being" were to measure the amount of floating every year in principle. We will carry out appropriate maintenance and implement measures at the time of facility renovation. For facilities under the jurisdiction of the authorities, we will report the measurement results of suspended amounts as shown in the table below.

※"Facilities that do not require immediate measures" means that the asbestos content contained in the spraying material is low at 1% or less in a machine room where citizens do not enter, that it is a relatively low toxic chrysotile, Due to the fact that the spraying material is not cotton-like but solidified, etc., for the time being, it is a facility that performs appropriate maintenance, such as measuring the amount of floating every year in principle, and implements

Facilities that do not require immediate action (one location)
LocationName of the facilityMuronaSpraying status
4144, Totsukacho, Totsuka-kuTotsuka fire department2nd floor, libraryExposed (solidified)
Amount of asbestos suspended (* 1) measurement results
Measurement periodMeasurement results (f/l)Lower quantification value (* 2)
R3.03.004Less than

※1) Regarding the amount of asbestos suspended, according to the WHO (World Health Organization) insurance report, "The asbestos concentration in the general environment in urban areas around the world is 1 to 10 bottles / liter (1 to 10 fibers in 1 liter of air) ) ", And it states that no health impact can be found to this extent.

※2) This is a numerical value set by the measurement organization for measurement, and there are differences for each organization.

・About asbestos measures of Yokohama-shi, this (to City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau)

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