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To reduce damage by fire (introductions such as apparatuses)

Last update date October 30, 2020

Setting, check, update of fire alarm for house

As for the fire alarm for house, setting is obliged to general house from June 1, 2006. When we put in Yokohama-shi, as of March, 2020, it is installed in house of about 80%.
Fire alarm for house is actually useful for discovery of fire from example of fire early and protects life of important family and everybodies from fire. Person who is not installed would like early setting.
In addition, may there be many homes passing more than ten years after fire alarm for house is installed? Life of battery of fire alarm for house is said to be about ten years. I would like periodical check, update to function well in the case of emergency.

Check, management method of fire alarm for house

①Let's do the operation check (check) regularly!

Fire alarm check method for house

②Cleaning (management) method of alarm

* At first, we remove the body.
* Then, we remove dust with vacuum cleaners.
※It prevents nozzle from touching sensing department then. When dust enters the sensor inside, it causes malfunction.
* When we wipe off dirt, we soak cloth into thing which dissolved water or synthetic detergent in water and wipe off dirt after squeezing well.
※Please do not use medicines such as alcohol or thinner. There might be transformation, deterioration.
* Finally we attach the body and confirm that message informing normalcy and warning sound sound.

≪Fruition example of fire alarm for house≫

(example 1)
We were working in other rooms while deep-frying and noticed warning sound and discovered that fire went up in pan. We succeeded in initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. and did not get out of control.
(example 2)
After abandoning cigarette butt which collected in ashtray to trash box after having smoked, by embers, a fire broke out in trash box. We noticed warning sound and we sprinkled water immediately and extinguished a fire.
(example 3)
After going to bed with putting electric heater, futon touched stove, and a fire broke out. We woke to warning sound and wrote initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. and did not get out of control.

Let's install fire alarm for house definitely

≪About installation support and disaster prevention visit of fire alarm for house≫

Among household of elderly person and person with a disability having difficulty in attaching although we purchased fire alarm for house, staff of firefighting visits house directly and helps setting of fire alarm for house. In addition, about hoped for, we confirm the handling situation of fire and advise fire prevention.
※For more details, please contact the nearest fire department.

Setting such as fire extinguisher for house

We can minimize damage if we can put out fire early even if fire occurs.
Therefore let's install initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. tools such as fire extinguisher.

①Fire extinguisher for house

* It is the most imminent fire extinguishing tool.
* We cope with tempura fire and stove fire.
* We can purchase in home centers.

≪How to use fire extinguisher≫

1.We take distance (around 3m) out of burning thing to some extent and pull safety pin.
2.We take off hose and apply to cause. Thing without hose points nozzle to cause.
3.We make liver and hang extinguishant.

②Tool for aerosol type simple fire extinguishing

Tool for aerosol type simple fire extinguishing
Fire extinguishing drug by pressure of liquefaction gas or compressed gas
We make letters of aerification and extinguish a fire.

③Automatic fire extinguishing device

It is simple fire extinguishing device which senses heat of fire, and automatically emits liquid and powdery fire extinguishing drug.
There are foods setting type, ceiling setting type, wall surface setting type.

To prevent fire from gas ring

Does gas ring of home have Si sensor?
Si sensor is cooker which the following functions were put on.

①Cooking oil heating prevention device

We extinguish a fire automatically when it becomes temperature 250 degrees Celsius of oil and prevent ignition of oil.

②Die out; safety device

Even if fire goes out in overboiled soup, we stop gas automatically.

③We forget to put out and extinguish a fire and function

We extinguish a fire automatically when we keep on having set fire for a certain period of time.

To prevent fire going out

※Before outing once again confirmation of fire!

Before outing confirmation

Citizen's all of you, each one keep looking out for fire in mind and have

Let's aim at town where we can live in in peace without fire.

Fire prevention motto national in 2020

It is gold medal for you who prevent the fire

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