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To prevent fire

Last update date November 2, 2020

We use "fire" for everyday life for convenience, comfort, pleasure.
Each one wears the right handling for "fire" to prevent fire, and it is important to lose "just carelessly" that it is factor of house fire.
Here, we introduce measures that we saw from possible main fire cause around the body.

Fire by arson

Illustration of pyromaniac

Arson fire becomes the fire cause top of Yokohama-shi and has characteristic that we hang in the middle of the night when people sleep from the evening when day sets and occur a lot.
It is important to try for "environment creation which does not let you set fire which is not set fire" to such as not putting thing which is easy to burn around house to prevent arson.

We take out garbage in the morning

  • It will prevent you from putting thing which is easy to burn around house.
  • We will take out garbage in place that we were able to decide in the morning of day when we were able to decide.

We lock storeroom

  • We will lock storeroom and garage.
  • Let's confirm locking at bedtime at going out.
  • In addition, let's promote preventive measures against arson by the whole area for a roar when going out in the neighbor and neighborhood.
  • We install outdoor lamp around house, and let's make environment where is not set fire to.

They are careful about blind spots of product sales shop, and discarded things which are easy to burn are disposed of. Let's take the patrol monitoring system.

  • At article stores, backyard or stairs are apt to become blind spot.
  • Things which are easy to burn tidy, and let's dispose of article which became unnecessary.
  • Let's take the patrol monitoring system.

Arson measures at parking lot

  • We ensure locking of car, and let's completely close window.
  • Parking bay always lights and is effective when it prevents other people from going in and out freely.
  • There is case set fire to to body cover.
  • Body cover will use "flame-proof product".

The arson fire occurrence situation

Fire with cigarette

Example that smoking in bed leads to fire

  • Fires with cigarette increase. Temperature of cigarette smoking casually is about 700 degrees Celsius.
  • Slight carelessness leads to fire.
  • We will be careful about smoking time and the disposal of cigarette butt.

Let's certainly stop littering of cigarette.

  • Let's be careful about ash (source) dropping suddenly.
  • When we throw away cigarette butt, let's confirm that fire completely went out for exposing to water once.
  • Let's certainly stop smoking in bed.
  • We put water in the ashtray and will prevent you from putting thing which is easy to burn around.
  • Let's throw away cigarette butt which collected in ashtray diligently.
  • We do not use empty bags of empty can and cake, and let's use proper ashtray.
  • We will smoke cigarette at place that we were able to decide.
  • Let's certainly stop smoking and littering while we walk.

Fire by playing with matches

We are careful about playing with matches of child

  • Playing with matches of child may lead to big fire.
  • We tell importance and terror of fire and will give right knowledge.

•It will prevent you from putting match and lighter in arriving place of child of the hand.

  • It will prevent you from putting match and lighter in arriving place of child of the hand.
  • When we play fireworks, we prepare water bucket by all means, and adult will attend.
  • It is regulated to put CR (child is hard to operate child resistance) function to writer. Let's use writer of with card reader ability.

※There is writer whom regulation becomes not intended for.

<about regulation of <writer>>

Fire with cooker

Cooking oil overheat fire

We leave tempura hotpot which we put on the cooker, and cases becoming fire increase. When we are separated from cooker in telephone or visitors, we will turn off while there is few.

  • When we are separated from cooker between a little in telephone or visitors, we will delete fire by all means.
  • It will prevent you from putting thing which is easy to burn in the circumference of cooker.
  • Let's check cooker or rubber pipe regularly.
  • When not in use, we will close the main cock of gas by all means.

Let's be careful about clothing firing

While we cook, clothing firing means that flame spreads to clothes wearing. When flame spreads to clothing, possibility of injury due to burn extremely becomes higher.

To prevent clothing firing

  • When we cook, spacious clothes and sleeve will prevent them from wearing clothes which spread.
  • It will prevent you from putting cooking tool and seasoning in the depths of cooker.
  • Let's adjust to appropriate heat so that flame does not protrude from the bottom of the pans.
  • Let's use apron and sleevelet handled flame which is hard to fire even if fire contacts-proof.

If we wear and fire

  • We are calm, and let's sprinkle water without being upset.
  • We swat with towels, and let's turn off.
  • When we cannot reach with backs, we fall down to the place, and let's fall down from side to side.

Si sensor cooker (cooker with safety device)

  • Si sensor cooker is cooker equipped with temperature sensors in all burners.
  • All cookers sold after October, 2008 become cooker equipped with temperature sensors.
  • As for the gas ring sold before September, 2008, temperature sensor may be installed only in right and left either burner. Fried food cooking will use burner of side where there is temperature sensor in by all means.

Main function of Si sensor cooker

  • "Cooking oil overheat prevention device" which extinguishes a fire automatically when temperature of oil reaches 250 degrees Celsius, and prevents ignition of oil
  • "It dies out safety device" which intercepts gas when fire goes out in overboiled soup
  • "We put out and forget fire extinguishing function" to extinguish a fire of cooker and fire of grilled fish grill in a given period of time

As the above-mentioned function is equipped with as standard, we can prevent outbreak of fire even if we forget to put out fire by any chance.

Image of mark of Si sensor cooker
Mark of Si sensor cooker

Image of Si sensor cooker
Si sensor cooker

Si sensor macrophotograph

Electric fire

Instructions to prevent electric fire

When electric appliance which is convenient for everyday life gets a wrong how to use, it causes fire. Let's usually keep right usage in mind.

  • Let's certainly stop octopus foot wiring.
  • Electric cord puts heavy thing on the top and will prevent you from bending forcibly.
  • As there is dust collecting to outlet and plug and that a fire breaks out by moisture (tracking), we will always clean.

Outlet and plug using for refrigerator in particular and TV will clean regularly.

  • After having used, we will pull plug by all means.

Checkpoint to prevent fire
Point of seven looking out for fire

  1. We do not put thing which is easy to burn around house.
  2. We do not throw away smoking in bed and cigarette.
  3. When we deep-fry, we do not leave the place.
  4. Of wind when is strong, do not do fireworks.
  5. We do not let child play with match and lighter.
  6. Electric appliance does not do errand, octopus-like legs wiring definitely.
  7. We do not bring thing which is easy to burn close to stove.

If become fire; ...

It becomes fire even if careful. We are calm, and let's perform three of next when fire has happened.

◆We inform early

  • We inform fire aloud in neighborhood.
  • We make emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance immediately.

<how to use <emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance>>

◆We extinguish a fire early

  • We extinguish a fire quickly before fire spreads to ceiling.

<method of <initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. >>

◆We escape early

  • If fire turns to ceiling, we evacuate immediately.
  • When we evacuate, we close window and door of burning room and cut off atmosphere.
  • When we escape in smoke, we cover entrance with wet towels and lower posture as much as possible.

<method of <evacuation>>

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