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The preparation to electricity fire accompanied with typhoon, heavy rain

Last update date July 9, 2020

When blackout occurs by typhoon and heavy rain, we are in danger of fire (electricity fire) occurring when electricity restores.
With care to the following points, let's prevent electricity fire.

Correspondence at the time of blackout

  • We switch off electric apparatus during blackout, and let's pull power supply plug out of outlet.
  • When we go out during blackout, let's drop breaker.

At the time of restoration from blackout

  • Electric apparatuses are not damaged by leaks of water, or wiring and cord are not damaged, or let's use electric apparatus after thing which is easy to burn being in neighborhood, and confirming security for ten minutes including squid.
  • When I discovered abnormality such as outbreak or bad smell of smoke, I drop breaker promptly and will inform the nearest fire department.

※After having passed from re-electricity by trouble in the damage and electric apparatus of wiring in wall without the surface damage to building and electric apparatus for a long time, it may lead to fire.

Other preparation

  • Let's be careful about use of fire enough.
  • We will prepare to be able to do certain emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance beforehand. With some telephones such as IP telephone or telephone with FAX function, it may become unusable by blackout.
  • Because door where electric lock was established and automatic door lose function by blackout as for the person living in apartments, and it might have been impassableness, we will confirm evacuation course or fire brigade approach course.

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