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Playing with matches of child who does not let you do not to work as!

We will learn right how to play ... fireworks

Last update date August 14, 2020

The outbreak situation (the past ten years) of fire by playing with matches

Injured generates fire by playing with matches in Yokohama-shi eight in 231 cases. 165 (71.4%) occur, and it is revealed that class of children occurs a lot in time that is over after school by to the 18:00 level from the 12:00 level when we see the outbreak situation according to time.

The number of time fires by playing with matches
It is the number of time fires by playing with matches.

What is ignition source of playing with matches?

In the past ten years, ignition source of playing with matches becoming clear, most one is writers.
Because it is simple, and fire is easily lighted, writer becomes a person that we are immediate for children.
Sale except writer with CR (child resistance) function that child cannot easily use is prohibited, but let's fix environment that does not let you do "we do not let writer touch child" "we warn as soon as we saw that child is doing playing with matches in writers and stop" "we tell child fear of fire if it is to intelligible age" playing with matches now.

Fire example by playing with matches

  • We set fire to weed of riverbed with lighter with several children and after being playing, spread to other weeds and have just spread.
  • After abandoning that to trash box as flame fired piece of paper while child played with writer in house, we spread to garbage of the inside, and it was for fire.

Speaking of summer feature "fireworks"

It is season looking forward to for children in the summer. At summer night, everybody may enjoy fireworks by home or camping, too.
However, fireworks which should be fun can lead to accidents such as fire or burn. We follow usage and instructions well, and let's enjoy fireworks definitely!

Fire example with fireworks

  • Primary schoolchild was enjoying fireworks with family, and fire of holdings fireworks spread to clothing and has suffered burn.
  • After setting fire to mouse fireworks, we moved toward the garbage place, and fire of fireworks fired garbage and has become fire.

Precaution to play with fireworks safely

  • Of wind when is strong, do not play fireworks.
  • There is not thing which is easy to burn and chooses wide, safe place.
  • Do not play fireworks only in children, do not let do. Adult attends by all means.
  • Holdings fireworks are careful about directions of muzzle and use from body apart.
  • Dismantle fireworks, and bundle up a lot, and set fire; is enough, and do not do.
  • We read manual carefully and follow instructions by all means.
  • We prepare water for buckets and soak fireworks which have finished being idle in water by all means.


Playing with matches of child sometimes leads to big fire.
If it is, we tell intelligible age not to let you certainly do playing with matches of child fear of fire, and, by eyes and consideration of adult, let's protect child from miserable accident and fire.

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