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Fire prevention management under construction

We receive the news of distribution warehouse fire of Korea, and I would like confirmation of preventive measures against fires of building under construction once again!

Last update date May 1, 2020

Preventive measures against fires of building under construction

 Fire goes out of the construction spot of distribution warehouse in the suburbs of Seoul, Korea on April 29, and at least 38 die so far with it is press conference of local firefighting engine, and there is the news that ten got injured. Fire cause was unclear, but, in a part, we dealt with work of electric construction and seemed to spread to the combustibility material explosively.
 In the country, five construction worker dies in the building during new construction of Tama-shi, Tokyo in July, the year before last, and fire that 43 (as of August 24, 2018) get injured occurs.
 Therefore, please reconfirm preventive measures against fires in building under construction.

"Conduct of appropriate fire prevention administrative task under construction" (City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau news) (PDF: 275KB)
"Let's prevent fire" (urethane industry society in Japan), "polyurethane spot construction, (PDF: 2,906KB)

(reference) Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency homepage (fire from building during new construction of Tama-shi, Tokyo in July, 2018)
・About notices of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare concerned with prevention of work related accidents by fire in construction site (July 27, 2018 reporting) (the outside site)
・About is concerned with fire prevention measures of new building under construction, alerting (July 27, 2018 notice) (the outside site)

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