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The preparation in offices and dangerous materials facility accompanied with typhoon, heavy rain

Last update date September 9, 2020

Case that facilities for firefighting set up by offices do not operate is assumed by blackout being caused by typhoon and heavy rain, and the restoration being prolonged.
In addition, in dangerous materials facility, it is assumed that we have abnormality reactions by blackout in case or the plant which there is in place where the inundation by the flooding, high tides of river is assumed.
About the following items, let's take necessary measures in advance.

About facilities for firefighting set up by offices

  • As emergency power supplies such as facilities for firefighting by when use facilities to receive for exclusive use of battery facilities and emergency power supply, being lost power for a long time;, for case that facilities for firefighting do not operate, please plan the following correspondence.
    • Fire extinguishing facilities
      You reconfirm fire extinguisher, setting places such as simple fire extinguishing tools and usage, and, about automatic fire extinguishing facilities such as inert gas fire extinguishing facilities, halide fire extinguishing facilities, please reconfirm release assembly operation by manual operation.
    • Warning facilities
      You perform caution of cause of cooker or other fire equipment in use, appliances by patrols by the people concerned such as offices carefully and plan early detection of fire, and please find notification in setting range of warning facilities and the common knowledge system.
    • Escape equipment
      Please reconfirm the evacuation instruction system by the people concerned such as offices and evacuation course.
  • When you use home generation of electricity facilities as emergency power supplies such as facilities for firefighting, about home generation of electricity facilities, you act for securing of necessary fuel, and, after the common use power supply restoration, stop (at the time of common use power supply restoration, you remove thing stopping driving automatically.) does driving promptly, and, by supply of fuel, please take a step not to have problem in function at the time of fire. Particularly, please note because there is thing that ventilation of engine part of the home generation of electricity facilities concerned is necessary to operate appropriately again when we fuel after fuel became empty.
  • Because there is thing which alerts abnormally because capacity of spare power supply decreases with being lost power for a long time, in automatic fire information facilities, please confirm about coping method (stop method of warning sound, check method at the time of power restoration) when these warnings sound operated in check companies.

About matter about dangerous materials facility

  • Please note the next matter about ensuring safety of dangerous materials facility with being lost power by storm and flood damage for a long time.
    • Preservation management
      After checking coping method at the time of blackout, please carry out appropriate management.
    • Notice matter which affects operation of home generation of electricity facilities
      When disasters such as earthquakes occur during operation of home generation of electricity facilities newly, please operate security such as there not being outbreak such as the damage such as service tank of generation facilities and the plumbing, leak oil again after having reconfirmed.
    • Safety measures in plants
      When they cause explosion from abnormal reactions by breakdowns of instrumentation control system by blackout in the plants, and other facilities are in danger of stopping, please find fuel which is necessary for emergency power supply and the power supply concerned.
  • In dangerous materials facility where the inundation by the flooding, high tides of river is assumed about taboo water-related material and water including metal fusion high heat thing and article which is dangerous when touch,
    • We move to high place without influence of the inundation
    • We keep by division with watertightness
    • We stop heating of metal molten high heat thing beforehand and lower enough temperature

Please take equal no measures.

In addition, please take emergency measures when prevention and damage of the inundation occurred as needed about important apparatus in the handling of dangerous materials such as *so of oil, pump apparatus.

  • When we perform storage, the handling of temporariness-like dangerous materials for smooth fueling in disaster area, please consult with fire department of each ward.

In addition, please take necessary measures about "the damage situation investigation of notice matter in dangerous materials preservation at the time of storm and flood damage occurrence and dangerous materials facility" (the *bokidai 179 issue dated September 27, 2018) (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency homepage) in reference to (the outside site).

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