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About voluntary fire prevention management in consideration for prevention of infection of new coronavirus

We will tell about confirmation of voluntary fire prevention, disaster prevention management on the basis of influence of new coronavirus infectious disease.

Last update date July 22, 2020

About confirmation of voluntary fire prevention management, disaster prevention regime

 As for all of you worked at in house ino all of you or office in apartments by new coronavirus infectious disease infection preventive measures, life form and business that are different from usual times come to become often in the form.

 Therefore, all of apartment or the offices managing has you carry out everyday independence check of facility appropriately, and please keep fire prevention in mind.

 In addition, please carry out in reference to the following about conduct method of voluntary check,

Other than voluntary check to fix for firefighting plan about offices which appoint 1 fire marshal, and make firefighting plan

  You utilize fire prevention measures independence check list (for object with fire marshal election duty) (PDF: 1,468KB), and please carry out voluntary check.

Offices without voluntary check list that there is not election duty of 2 fire marshal and fixes for firefighting plan

  You utilize fire prevention measures independence check list (for object without fire marshal election duty) (PDF: 692KB), and please carry out voluntary check.

Leaflet for 3 independence fire prevention, disaster prevention enlightenment

 ① Building management in appropriateness (PDF: 396KB)

 ② Responsibility (PDF: 284KB) of fire prevention management

About reception desk by mail such as report, application documents

Based on influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, we will tell about procedures when we mail report, application documents. In addition, please inform of inquiries of ignorance points to the nearest fire department (cf. attachment file).
Of copying such as registration form sealed reported seal of 1 fire department or reception desk seal when wish to reply
(1) Copy of reports (thing same as documents to submit to fire department)
(2) Self-addressed envelope
When you enclose copy of reports, please enclose self-addressed envelope which attached stamp for rate necessary for reply by all means. In addition, please fill in address, destination beforehand.

Confirmation matters such as 2 documents
(1) Does registration form have omission of mention? You confirm mention example on homepages, and please refer to fire department for any unclear points on the telephone.
(2) There is not omission of mention of the report date (please list mailing day.) or .
(3) Are there mention of scholar of report, applicant column, seal leak?
(4) Are there attached leak of documents necessary for reports, omission of mention?

Notice matter at the time of report by 3 mail
(1) Thing by ordinary mail shines, and mail supports, and there cannot be, but confirmation of arrival, please send by possible registered mail as needed. In addition, please specify name of registration form on the front of envelope.
 Example "check debrief report living-in-inside as for the facilities for firefighting"
(2) When reports have omission of mention and attached leak of necessary documents, postscript of documents and submission of documents lacking are necessary. In any of these, we may instruct to send some other time.
(3) As we may make inquiry about contents such as reports from fire department, full name and contact information of the person in charge, please understand.

Period and reply time of copying from fire department when we begin to accept 4
Acceptance may take time because we cannot confirm contents of documents like case of submission by bringing in the case of submission by mail at window. In addition, such as registration form sealed reported seal of fire department or reception desk seal when wish to reply, please note that time may suffer from procedure of return.

Facilities for firefighting by 5 mail about report of check debrief report
Please confirm this.


When you install "plastic sheets" such as vinyl chloride materials in windows to prevent droplet infection of new coronavirus infectious disease, please confirm (internal link) about "attention when you install plastic sheets".

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