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2016 "fire engine type rolling stock BOX making!"

Fire Bureau, Kiyoken, Yokohama Walker

Last update date March 14, 2019

Firefighting vehicle of SR (particularly high help corps) in package!

Photograph of fire engine type rolling stock BOX

City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau cooperates with Kiyoken and sells rolling stock BOX of retort curry which is usable as storage food with package as fire engine!
In addition, it cooperates with Yokohama Walker and works on enlightenment of PR of Yokohama firefighting and disaster prevention awareness through article publications.

With rolling stock law

Method that buys more as much as we buy food which we were always used to eating a little too much and use that regularly and used, and stores. We can treat even short food of the expiration date as emergency provisions to possess while eating. Furthermore, it is said that taste that we were used to eating reduces stress at the time of disaster.
※About rolling stock, detailed explanation is published in disaster prevention metropolitan area net (the outside site).

Process of citizen cooperation

Fire Bureau recruited suggestion of citizen cooperation and cooperation companies under the theme of "enlightenment of PR, Blanding of Yokohama firefighting and civic disaster prevention consciousness" at the theme type cowound front desk of Policy Bureau from November, 2014.
It was decided that we cooperated and produced storage food product utilizing rolling stock law between Kiyoken and the authorities in November, 2016.
Production of "Yokohama firefighting" that assumed firefighting vehicle of SR (particularly high help corps) of the authorities motif X "Yokohama karii" rolling stock BOX publicizes the authorities as existence that citizen's, is familiar and recommends the rolling stock method and can expect improvement of citizen's disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage consciousness by touching storage food regularly.

Product information


BOX set to practice the rolling stock method which assorted retort product "Yokohama karii" of Kiyoken three in particular in BOX of firefighting vehicle print which logo of Yokohama Walker and Kiyoken entered

Sales price

1,250 yen (tax-included)

The number of the sale

3,000 sets
※We sell as soon as it reaches planned number and are finished

Sale day

From Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sale place

Yokohama-shi New Year's parade of fire brigades 2017 special event store, the direct management 63 store in Kiyoken Yokohama-shi

Photograph which opened fire engine type rolling stock BOX

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