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2016 "Notice of heat stroke prevention by postcard of hot summer visit"

Fire Bureau and Japan Post Co.,

Final update date March 22, 2019

We sent "news postcard of heat stroke prevention" which we produced by public-private partnership to citizens!

In fiscal 2016, in Fire Bureau will use the “Kamome Town (*)” issued by Japan Post Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Japan Post Co., Ltd. and sponsoring companies to deliver “Postcards for Prevention of Heat Stroke” to citizens. We made an effort to do it.
※"Kamome Town" is a postcard issued by Japan Post Co., Ltd., and is a service that delivers it to the desired area (designated by a sponsoring company) without an address.


From November 2014, Fire Bureau-Fire Bureau City's PR branding and public awareness of disaster prevention at the theme-type front since November 2014, and has been recruiting proposals for public-private partnerships and cooperating businesses.
This time, Japan Post Co., Ltd. made a proposal on the production of Kamome Town in cooperation with the authorities to prevent heat stroke.

Theme-type front

In order for the government and the private sector to promote dialogue with each other, create new business opportunities, and work on solving social issues, there is a consultation and proposal window `` Co-creation Front '' established by Yokohama City. We present problem and recruit suggestion, idea of public-private cooperation and cooperation company.

Postcard design
Postcard image

The cost of printing and the cost of the postcard will be borne by the company that has agreed and sponsored the project, and the post office will deliver it, so there is no cost burden in Yokohama City.

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