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2016 "announcement by postcard of summer greeting card of heat stroke prevention"

Fire Bureau, Japan Post Co., Ltd.

Last update date March 22, 2019

We sent "announcement of heat stroke prevention postcard" which we produced by citizen cooperation to citizen's all of you!

We issued in Japan Post Co., Ltd. and, in 2016, utilized "gull town (※)" in cooperation with Japan Post Co., Ltd., supporting company in Fire Bureau and performed approach to deliver "announcement of heat stroke prevention postcard" to citizen's all of you.
※"Gull town" is postcard which Japan Post Co., Ltd. issues and is service to deliver without address in desired area (supporting company-designated).


Fire Bureau recruited suggestion of citizen cooperation and cooperation companies under the theme of "enlightenment of PR, Blanding and civic disaster prevention awareness of Fire Bureau" at the theme type front desk from November, 2014.
And we had suggestion from Japan Post Co., Ltd. about production of heat stroke prophylaxis gull town in connection with the authorities this time.

About the theme type front desk

As the development form, we show problem from city while there is consultation, the suggestion window "cowound front desk" where Yokohama-shi installed in that civilian pushes forward talks with the government each other and works on solution of creation at new business opportunity and social problem and recruit suggestion, idea of citizen cooperation and cooperation companies.

Postcard design
Postcard image

Because we have burden from company where expense of print expense and the postcard price has you approve of plan and received the support from, and post office delivers, as for the expense burden on Yokohama-shi, there are none.

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