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2015 "Local T-shirt production! ""

Fire Bureau Laundry

Final update date March 14, 2019

Collaboration between City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau and KS Planning Co., Ltd

Realization of collaboration! PR of Yokohama firefighting by local T-shirt production‼

KS Planning Co., Ltd. (Plans, manufactures, and sells children's clothing and unisex casual clothing mainly in Japan under the brand “Laundry”. Below, "Laundry") and City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau to make local T-shirts!
Utilizing ideas that each other has, we will work on revitalizing the area, promoting the Yokohama Fire Department, and raising awareness of disaster prevention.

Fire Bureau Comments

Now that various disasters are taking place, I wanted more citizens to know about disaster prevention and to take action.
To that end, we aimed to make "Yokohama Firefighting" more accessible and familiar to citizens, and realized the production of T-shirts that could promote "Yokohama Firefighting".

Laundry comments

The city of Yokohama is a land with a long-standing shop.
In order to make customers who live in Yokohama and visit Yokohama more aware of Laundry, we collaborate with City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau and visit Yokohama to learn more about Laundry, and want to help revitalize the area. Shaped Laundry's thoughts.

Progress of public-private partnerships

In Fire Bureau City, since November 2014, at Policy Bureau Fire Bureau's theme-type co-creation front desk, we have been recruiting proposals for public-private partnerships and cooperating companies under the theme of "PR and branding of the city and enlightenment of citizens' awareness of disaster prevention." .
In February 2015, KS Planning Co., Ltd. made a proposal for a T-shirt production project in cooperation with the authorities.
The production of T-shirts based on Motoichi Fire Bureau-based T-shirt production is a recruitment theme that promotes authorities as familiar to citizens through T-shirts as everyday clothes, and aims to improve disaster prevention and reduce disaster damage and disaster prevention for a wide range of ages. Because it matches the theme, it led to this public-private partnership.

Product information


100% cotton


White, navy, orange (3 colors)
※Navy for children, orange (2 colors)


Unisex for adults: SS, S, M, L
Children's Unisex: SS, S, M, L

Sales start date

From July 17, 2015 (Friday)

Sales Office

Laundry 2 stores in Yokohama (Yokohama Joynas store, MARK IS Minatomirai store)

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Telephone: 045-334-6401

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