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2015 "local T-shirt production! "

Fire Bureau, Laundry

Last update date March 14, 2019

Cooperation of City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau and KS planning

Achievement of collaboration! We publicize Yokohama firefighting by local T-shirt production‼

KS planning (we have plan, production and sales of children's clothes, unisex casual clothing with brands called "Laundry" around the country. City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau cooperates with "Laundry") as follows and produces local T-shirt!
We utilize idea to have each other and work on local activation, PR of Yokohama firefighting, enlightenment of disaster prevention awareness.

Comment of Fire Bureau

We had you know disaster prevention toward more citizens in now when various disasters were taking place and felt that we wanted you to connect with action.
Therefore "Yokohama firefighting" was easy to get close for citizen more and aimed at becoming an immediate person and reached realization of T-shirt production that could publicize "Yokohama firefighting".

Comment of Laundry

Town called Yokohama is land with edge where we set up shop for many years.
We lived in Yokohama and, also, we did City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau and collaboration to have customer who visited Yokohama know Laundry more and yet more and treated design of fire engine of popularity in T-shirt in children and did thought of Laundry to want to be useful for local activation in form.

Process of citizen cooperation

Fire Bureau recruited suggestion of citizen cooperation and cooperation companies under the theme of "enlightenment of PR, Blanding of Fire Bureau and civic disaster prevention consciousness" at the theme type cowound front desk of Policy Bureau from November, 2014.
In February, 2015, we had suggestion from KS planning about production plan of T-shirt in connection with the authorities.
Because production of T-shirt about Motoichi Fire Bureau publicized the authorities as existence that was familiar to citizen through T-shirt as arrival at daily life and was equal to offer theme to aim at improvement of everyday disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage consciousness for the wide generation, we reached this citizen cooperation.

Product information




White, navy, orange (three colors)
※The one for child navy, orange (two colors)


Unisex for adult: SS, S, M, L
Unisex for child: SS, S, M, L

The sale start date

From Friday, July 17, 2015

Sale place

2 stores (Yokohama Joey eggplant restaurant, MARK IS Minato Mirai store) in Laundry Yokohama-shi

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