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Publication of buildings under Tsurumi Ward Publication System

In order to widely inform citizens of information on the dangers of buildings and to avoid the danger of people using the buildings getting involved in fire damage, we will publish buildings with serious violations of the Fire Service Law based on the violation disclosure system. doing.

Final update date March 22, 2021

List of buildings based on Tsurumi Ward Lists Buildings
Name of buildingLocation of the buildingViolationArticles of laws and regulationsViolation PositionOther
Marsan Name Co., Ltd.Komaoka 5-chome 15-18 (outside site)Violation of obligation to install indoor fire hydrant equipment

Article 17, Paragraph 1 of the Act

Fire protection target

The indoor fire hydrant equipment has not been installed, and initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. cannot be expected, and there is a risk of spreading fire.

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※Depending on the building, it may not be displayed correctly.

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