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Public announcement of building by Nishi Ward violation public announcement system

We announce building with the serious Fire Services Act violation based on violation public announcement system to tell citizen's all of you about information about the risk of building widely, and to evade the risk that various places using building are involved in damage of fire.

Last update date August 13, 2020

List of buildings by violation public announcement system of Nishi Ward
Name of buildingThe location of buildingContents of violationArticles such as grounds laws and ordinancesPosition of violationOthers
G Max Bill
T. M building
Okano 2-1-20
Okano 2-1-21 (the outside site)
Indoor fire hydrant facilities non-settingLaw Article 17The first-floor partIndoor fire hydrant facilities are non-setting, and there might be spread of fire expansion without being able to expect initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. .

Hormone semmonten*

North good luck 2-5-2 (the outside site)Automatic fire information facilities non-settingLaw Article 17The whole fire prevention objectAutomatic fire information facilities are behind with early detection of fire for non-setting, and influence might occur in evacuation and initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. .
Monte Velde YokohamaHiranuma 1-40-17 (the outside site)Sprinkler facilitiesLaw Article 17The whole fire prevention objectThere might be spread of fire expansion without sprinkler facilities being non-setting, and being able to expect initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. .

※We jump to Google map (the outside site) when we click the location.
※We may not display exactly depending on building.

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