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Building which is announced by violation of firefighting laws and ordinances

Because we tell citizen's all of you about information about the risk of building widely, and people using building evade the risk involved in damage of fire, we announce building corresponding to building which announced measures order based on the Fire Services Act and violation public announcement system.

Last update date October 13, 2020

Public announcement of building which announced order

When we correspond as follows, among buildings which announced measures order based on the Fire Services Act, we announce a part of the order contents.

  1. Of violation of serious firefighting laws and ordinances there is
  2. Human life danger to affect fire when serious fire danger or spread of fire expansion danger exists or exists
  3. When we admit that it becomes trouble for fire extinguishing, activity of evacuation or other firefighting, we admit that it is necessary to urgently take measures
  • Tsurumi Ward
  • Kanagawa Ward
  • Nishi Ward
  • Naka Ward
  • Minami Ward
  • Konan Ward
  • Hodogaya Ward
  • Asahi Ward
  • Isogo Ward
  • Kanazawa Ward
  • Kohoku Ward
  • Midori Ward
  • Aoba Ward
  • Tsuzuki Ward  
  • Totsuka Ward
  • Sakae Ward
  • Izumi Ward
  • Seya Ward

Public announcement of building by violation public announcement system

Though indoor fire hydrant facilities, sprinkler facilities, automatic fire information facilities are necessary in firefighting laws and ordinances, with violation public announcement system, function is system to announce lost building by non-setting or serious function defectiveness in the whole building or the necessary part.

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