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Buildings published for violations of fire laws and regulations

In order to widely inform citizens of information on the dangers of buildings and to avoid the danger of people using the buildings being involved in fire damage, buildings that have issued a measure order based on the Fire Service Law and violations have been announced. We announce building corresponding to.

Final update date December 22, 2020

Publication of building which issued order

Of the buildings that have issued a measure order based on the Fire Service Law, a part of the order is announced in the following cases.

  1. Significant violations of fire laws and regulations
  2. If there is a serious fire danger or a fire spread danger, or there is a danger of human life related to the fire.
  3. If it is deemed necessary to take urgent action when it is deemed that it will hinder fire fighting, evacuation and other firefighting activities
  • Tsurumi Ward
  • Kanagawa Ward
  • Nishi Ward
  • Naka Ward
  • Minami Ward
  • Konan Ward
  • Hodogaya Ward
  • Asahi Ward
  • Isogo Ward
  • Kanazawa Ward
  • Kohoku Ward
  • Midori Ward
  • Aoba Ward
  • Tsuzuki Ward  
  • Totsuka Ward
  • Sakae Ward
  • Izumi Ward
  • Seya Ward

Publication of buildings under the Violation Announcement System

The violation disclosure system is a system in which indoor fire hydrant equipment, sprinkler equipment, and automatic fire alarm equipment are required by fire laws and regulations, but functions have been lost due to uninstallation or serious malfunction in the entire building or necessary parts. It is a system to announce buildings.

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