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Arson fire trends and prevention measures

Final update May 27, 2020


As shown in the list of each ward, recent arson fires have ignited vehicle covers for automobiles and motorcycles, entered the premises, lit flammable objects around the house, and lit abandoned bicycles. In most cases, it was lit.

Prevention measures

Once again, take measures to prevent arson, such as checking and organizing flammable objects around the house.

  • Be careful not to place flammable materials such as newspapers, magazines, and cardboard around the house.
  • Be sure to put out the garbage at the designated time and place.
  • Do not lock doors such as gates, entrances, garages, and storerooms.
  • Unnecessary items and old materials should be kept tidy and stored in a storeroom.
  • When you go out or go to bed, be sure to lock the openings such as windows and doors.


Garbage storage area

Car and motorcycle body sheets are also easy to light, so use flame retardant products (outside sites).
・Do not leave flammable materials such as garbage around the vehicle.

Keep a key in a storeroom or garage

Fireproof products

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