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Yokohama-shi fire brigade

Last update date November 6, 2020

To fire department of administrative section that you live about application for joining an organization, and works or is at school, please feel free to contact.
In addition, we can easily make joining an organization application from the Internet top.
List of city fire departments
As joining an organization application is possible from the following link, please use.

 "Trace - of member of Yokohama-shi woman fire brigade -20 year"    Fire brigade PR movie (the Fire and Disaster Management Agency making)      Recruitment of members of fire brigade public information video (synthesis)

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Introduction of fire brigade

Fire brigade is one of the firefighting engines of the municipalities set of firefighting Organization Acts Article 9 to perform help, rescue operation at the time of large-scale disaster occurrence such as fire fighting, earthquake and storm and flood damage at the time of fire occurrence, caution patrol, evacuation instruction, disaster gyo-proof activity while usually having work of main profession.
Member of fire brigade carries important role in improvement of training and the spread instruction of first aid treatment, fire prevention instruction to house, special caution, firefighting in area including publicity work, disaster prevention and maintenance, the promotion of area community other than disaster activity in normal time.

About various systems

Member of Yokohama-shi student fire brigade activity certification system

Member of student fire brigade activity certification system is system that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency promotes so that university students working as member of fire brigade continuously more than one year are evaluated at the time of job hunting positively.
We work on fire brigade activity while going to school in universities in Yokohama-shi from January, 2016 and issue certificate for student contributing to community.

Member of student fire brigade activity certification system image figure

Yokohama-shi fire brigade cooperation office indication system

For office cooperating with fire brigade activity, we issue identification of indication and are system to judge that cooperation office serves as contribution to society to area socially. Specifically, I receive cooperation from fire brigade joining an organization promotion of employee and strengthen fire brigade and cooperation, the cooperation system with office and plan more enhancement of the local disaster prevention system.
As of January 1, 2020, 143 offices are registered.

About fire brigade education

It is page that can learn knowledge, technique necessary for fire brigade activity easily.
We publish the handling videos of various equipments.

About fire brigade training

We publish the training situation of the city 20 fire brigade.

We made fire brigade and the cause of cooperation such as fire departments, "Yokohama-shi fire brigade training casebook".
We publish this casebook about effective training example that Yokohama-shi 20 fire brigade enforces.
"Yokohama-shi fire brigade training casebook" (PDF: 10,774KB)

About recruitment of members of fire brigade

You can apply by electronic application if you would like to join fire brigade of Yokohama-shi.
Please apply from the following links.

Introduction of each fire brigade

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Fire Bureau General Affairs Department fire brigade section

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Telephone: 045-334-6403

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