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Tsuzuki fire brigade

Last update date July 28, 2020

News from Tsuzuki fire brigade

And we are going to work on main schedule of Tsuzuki fire brigade



Time Place Event name The right or wrong of participation visit of general person

From Thursday, August 20, 2020
Until Wednesday, August 26

20th from 11:00
26th until 14:00

Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building
The first-floor inhabitant of a ward hall

Tsuzuki fire brigade activity photo exhibition

Check it out!

It is going to move into action
Schedule Contents
Sunday, August 23, 2020 Tsuzuki fire brigade upper grade lifesaving class
Sunday, September 13, 2020 danshogodofuruiwazawaitaiokunneri

Recruitment of members of Tsuzuki fire brigade!

Tsuzuki, Yokohama-shi fire brigade recruits members of fire brigade at any time.
Member of fire brigade supports security, relief of town every day.
Do you not play an active part together, too?
About person who is interested in activity of Tsuzuki fire brigade and application for joining an organization
To person in charge of Tsuzuki fire department general affairs department fire brigade, please feel free to contact.
Telephone 045-945-0119 (main)

Public relations magazine "DANDAN" of Tsuzuki fire brigade (once a year issuance)

Activity report (topics)

We introduce activity of Tsuzuki fire brigade!

Tsuzuki fire brigade, Tsuzuki fire department combination storm and flood damage measures training

Conduct day: Sunday, July 12, 2020
Place: Katsuta fire drills ground
Conduct contents: About the making of sandbag, product sandbag method, the fixed points such as collapse danger objects, the fallen tree felling point, we carried out keoshi, each contents for group.

2020 Tsuzuki Ward   New Year's parade of fire brigades

Conduct day: Monday, January 6, 2020
Place: Tsuzuki public hall, Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building courtyard
Sponsorship: Tsuzuki Ward   New Year's parade of fire brigades executive committee
Conduct contents
Part 1: Ceremony
Part 2: Ancient firefighting performance and Yokohama City Higashiyamata junior high school brass band club performance
Part 3: Firefighting performance, simultaneous drainage

The mayor encouragement accompanied with the year-end and New Year firefighting special guard

Conduct day: Saturday, December 28, 2019
Place: Tsuzuki fire department
Conduct contents: We had encouragement from Watanabe deputy mayor.

Yokohama-shi firefighting how to handle technique training society

Conduct day: Saturday, November 16, 2019
Place: Yokohama-shi Fire Academy (Totsuka Ward)
Conduct contents: Member chosen as representative of Tsuzuki fire brigade from the third branch office carried out small pump how to handle.

The Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward Festival guard

Conduct day: Sunday, November 3, 2019
Place: Centerminami, Centerkita venue
Conduct contents: The venue guard and display of fire brigade vehicle

Introduction of Tsuzuki fire brigade

 A part of the Midori Ward was integrated with Kohoku Ward by Yokohama-shi administrative section reorganization of November, 1994, and Tsuzuki fire brigade started with birth of Tsuzuki Ward   in 1 headquarters, four branch offices, 18 group 406.
 As for the member of woman fire brigade, adoption began in 1997.

The organization system of Tsuzuki fire brigade

Organization (as of July 1, 2020) of Tsuzuki fire brigade
The fire brigade headquarters 1 headquarters
The number of the branch offices 5 branch offices
The number of the groups 18 groups
The number of the members 406 people
Woman fire brigade number (inner number) 51 people
Loading car 17
Firefighting pump car One
Appliance depot 21
kahanshikishokatadoryoku pump 26

Lineup according to rank (appointment) of Tsuzuki fire brigade       
Rank (appointment) The staff
Leader One
Vice-leader Two people
Headquarters's manager Four people
Manager of branch office Five people
Manager of vice-branch office Ten people
Manager 15 people
Group leader 54 people
Member 315 people

Catchment area of Tsuzuki fire brigade

The first branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Ikebemachi(ikonobecho)
The second group

Kawawa-cho(kawawacho),Kawawadai(kawawadai),Fujimigaoka(fujimigaoka),Mihanayama(seeing is troubled),Takayama(Takayama),Kuzugaya(kuzugaya),
The outworks of a castle(circle)

The third group Saedocho(saedocho),Kagahara(swell) from 1 to 2

The second branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Higashigatacho(higashigatacho),Nagasaka(length),Flat base(hiradai),Row of cherry blossom trees(Miki which is cherry tree)
The second group Okuma-machi(bear butterfly),Nakamachidai(is Nakamachi) from 1 to 5
The third group Kawamukai-cho(river coming butterfly)
The fourth group Orimotocho(cage cause butterfly)

The third branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Kachidacho(win ostrich),Kachidaminami(kachidaminami) from 1 to 2
The second group

Chigasakicho(chigasakicho),Chigasakiminami(chigasakiminami) from 1 to 5,Chigasakichuo(chigasakichuo)
Chigasakihigashi(chigasakihigashi) from 1 to 5

The third group Edahigashi-cho(edahigashicho),Edahigashi(edahigashi) from 1 to 4
The fourth group Edaminami-cho(edaminamicho),Edaminami(edaminami) from 1 to 5,Daimaru(training chair)

The fourth branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Minamiyamada-cho(Minami we grow again),Minamiyamada(Minami wait) from 1 to 3
The second group Kitayamada(kitayamata), from 1 to 7, is Sumiregaoka
The third group Higashiyamata-cho(Higashiya grows again),Higashiyamata(Higashiya waits) from 1 to 4
The fourth group Hayabuchi(hit already) from 1 to 3,Shinsakaemachi(shineicho)

The fifth branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group

Nakagawa(Nakagawa) from 1 to 8,Nakagawachuo(the Kagawa center) is 2 from 1
made, Ayumigaoka

The second group

Ushikubo-cho(ushikubocho),Ushikubo(ushikubo) from 1 to 3,Ushikubo(ushikubonishi) Hajime Nishi chome
From this to 4,Ushikubohigashi(ushikubohigashi) from 1 to 3

The third group Odanacho(odanacho),Odananishi(odananishi)

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