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Kohoku fire brigade

Last update date July 30, 2020

Kohoku fire brigade title

News from Kohoku fire brigade

Activity report

Sunday, August 4, 2019 "Kohoku fire brigade summer training party"

Venue City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau Nippa vehicle base (Kohoku Ward Shinyokohamakita 1-12-1)

  • Fire brigade small size pump how to handle meeting (we carry out commendation in higher branch office)
  • The eighth branch office training etiquette
  • shikizaitoriatsukaikunneri (chain saw, engine cutter, hand operation oil pressure cutting machine others)
  • Simultaneous drainage training by fire brigade

All branch offices of Kohoku fire brigade gathered to plan further improvement of technique necessary for fire brigade activity and carried out training party in the summer

From September 21, 2019 the November 2 "Rugby World Cup Kohoku fire brigade special guard"

Place Yokohama-shi Sogo Rehabiri Center site (1770, Toriyamacho, Kouhoku-ku)


  • Foot or the congestion situation around the venue with loading car, intelligence about specific phenomenon
  • Patrol caution of Kohoku Ward jurisdiction main pivot point
  • Disaster correspondence in connection with Kohoku fire deparment
  • Information sharing with the district headquarters with digital simple radio


Recruitment of members of fire brigade

Foreigner can join Yokohama-shi fire brigade, too.

1 joining an organization condition
(1) Person who holds "residence card" or "special permanent resident certificate"
(2) Person with intention that there are the two years or more residence periods and continues fire brigade activity more than three years
(3) Person who can consent not to be able to get job that is older than group leader
(4) Person who can get consent of joining an organization from branch office where we are going to belong to
(5) Person who can consent not to be able to move into action who used authorities *
(6) Person who gets communication in Japanese
*Main authorities (PDF: 326KB) which member of fire brigade has

Documents which are necessary at the time of 2 joining an organization
(1) Joining an organization application (for foreigner)
(2) Copying of "residence card" or "special permanent resident certificate"
(3) Thing which is necessary on other joining an organization

Recruitment of members of Kohoku fire brigade

Kohoku, Yokohama-shi fire brigade recruits members of fire brigade.

Member of fire brigade nearly 700 supports relief, security of town with Kohoku Ward every day. Do you not play an active part together, too?
  • Joining an organization qualification: City residence, working, attendance at school people 18 years or older
  • Social position: It is local government employee of part-time service special positions in the civil service
  • Reward: It is paid when we engage in disaster dispatch, activity including fire drills other than dispatch reward.
  • Government affairs accident compensation: There is compensation system when we got injured during fire brigade activity.
  • Loan of clothing: Uniform and activity clothes are lent.
  • Retirement bonus: We work as member of fire brigade more than five years and are paid when we were dismissed from.

About and joining an organization application that are interested in activity, please feel free to contact
Person in charge of Kohoku fire deparment fire brigade telephone, fax 045-546-0119

Is online by electronic application; of joining an organization can apply.

Promotion video of Kohoku fire brigade

Promotion video of Kohoku fire brigade was born. Check it out!
We had you make this video by goodwill of all of the cinema societies (Keio University official recognition group) of Keio University in Kohoku Ward.

Public information paper "firefighting of Kohoku" (April, October issue twice a year)

No. 62 April, 2020 (PDF: 2,930KB)

  • Disaster drill of our town Shimoda-cho
  • The first branch office eighth branch office combination inspection workshop
  • Participate in Kohoku Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades
  • Engage in the "fusion, excitement, impression" RWC2019 guard
  • Participate in Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades "simultaneous drainage"
  • Participate in Kohoku fire brigade fourth branch office workshop
  • Look back on the New Year parade of fire brigades and joining an organization half a year
  • Neighborhood Associations disaster drill in western Shinyoshida
  • Participate in fire drills party of cultural assets fire prevention day
  • Participate in equipments handling training
  • Inner Leader Yamazoe Medal with a Blue Ribbon receipt of a decoration

No. 61 October, 2019 (PDF: 2,199KB)

  • Approach to training society in the Kohoku fire brigade summer
  • Trial run of initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. appliance
  • Participate in training party in the second branch office summer
  • Fire brigade activity
  • Participate in upper lifesaving class
  • Kohoku fire brigade fifth branch office summer training society
  • Experience pump how to handle
  • Small pump how to handle of 2019
  • The eighth branch office inspection training

No. 60 April, 2019 (PDF: 2,625KB)

  • The fourth branch office bus workshop Yokosuka training
  • Look back on joining an organization 25 years
  • The first branch office second group and introduction of castle-go district
  • Cooperation training of shodan in Shinowaranishi-cho Park
  • The joint training with Nakahara fire brigade
  • Power of feeling
  • Participate in evacuation shelter training
  • When we enter fire brigade
  • Cooperation with Neighborhood Associations
  • Finish Kohoku Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades
  • Join fire brigade
  • Acquiring the equipments handling

No. 59 October, 2018 (PDF: 2,175KB)

  • Participate in training party in the Kohoku fire brigade summer
  • Participate in training party in the second branch office summer
  • Dilemma of member of fire brigade invitation
  • Join fire brigade; and about Morooka Elementary School disaster prevention experience-based class

No. 58 March, 2018 "issue of the 70th anniversary of Kohoku fire brigade" (PDF: 6,428KB)

  • Introduction of danhombu, each branch office headquarters, disaster chronological table in ward from 2008

No. 57 October, 2017 (PDF: 2,077KB)

  • Through small pump how to handle
  • About firefighting appliance depot rebuilding
  • Cooperation training by Kohoku fire deparment and fire brigade
  • About fire brigade
  • "Anything as for the fire brigade" to regard as children

No. 56 April, 2017 (PDF: 2,257KB)

No. 55 October, 2016 (PDF: 2,041KB)

Shop of Kohoku fire brigade cooperation

Shop of Kohoku fire brigade cooperation

We started approach that could receive present and discount service of drink in "shop of Kohoku fire brigade cooperation" when we became member of Kohoku fire brigade from September, 2015. I hand member of fire brigade proof card with blue happi coat (happi coat) of Kohoku fire brigade as motif to member of fire brigade. We distribute sticker of blue happi coat for store pasting to become mark to cooperation shops.
Cooperation store is 133 stores (as of March, 2019) of the Kohoku Ward mall alliance society participation.

List of shop service contents, stores of Kohoku fire brigade cooperation (as of March, 2019) (PDF: 246KB)

Introduction of Kohoku fire brigade

As for Kohoku fire brigade, the firefighting Organization Acts were established in 1947, and the Yokohama-shi fire brigade regulations were promulgated with this, and the firefighting Organization Acts were enforced on March 7, 1948, and the local government firefighting started in this way, and fire brigade moved to Yokohama-shi with public facilities firefighting, and 13 fire brigade including Kohoku fire brigade was born.
Afterwards, reorganization of Yokohama city limits administrative section was carried out in October, 1969, and Midori Ward did share ward, and, in November, 1994, Kohoku Ward, reorganization of Midori Ward were performed, and current Kohoku fire brigade was born.
In Kohoku fire brigade, employment of member of woman fire brigade begins in 1998, and 84 members of woman fire brigade are working now.
In addition, we place 48 appliance depots, 39 loading cars, 52 kahanshikishokatadoryoku pumps, equipments for other lifesaving in the whole area in ward, and member that Leader Iida is or less engages in fire prevention, disaster prevention activity in ward day and night.

The organization system of Kohoku fire brigade

Organization (as of April 1, 2019) of Kohoku fire brigade
The fire brigade headquarters 1 headquarters
The number of the branch offices 8 branch offices
The number of the groups 46 groups
The number of the members 673 people
Woman fire brigade number (inner number) 85 people
Loading car 39
Appliance depot 48
kahanshikishokatadoryoku pump 59

Lineup according to rank (appointment) of Kohoku fire brigade
Rank The staff
Leader One
Vice-leader Three people
Headquarters's manager Seven people
Manager of branch office Eight people
Manager of vice-branch office 16 people
Manager 31 people
Group leader 127 people
Member 480 people

Catchment area of Kohoku fire brigade

The first branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Kishinecho, 1, Shinyokohama
The second group Toriyamacho
The third group Kozukuecho (the eastern part)
The fourth group Kozukuecho (the western part)

The second branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group 1, Kikuna - 2, a part of 3
The second group Mt.Fuji-shaped mound 1-2 chome
The third group 1, Shinoharahigashi - 3
The fourth group Shinohara-cho (except a northern part), Shinowaranishi-cho, 2, Shinyokohama
The fifth group 1, Nakatehara - 2, Shinoharadai-cho

The third branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Nishikigaoka
The second group Mamedo-cho
The third group A part of 3, Kikuna, 4-7 chome
The fourth group 1, Okurayama - 7
The fifth group Morokacho
The sixth group 1, Shinoharakita - 2, Shinohara-cho (a northern part), 3, Shinyokohama

The fourth branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group 1, Tsunashimanishi - 6, Tsunashimadai, Tsunashimakamicho
The second group 1, Tsunashimahigashi - 6, a part of Tsunashimadai
The third group 1, Tarumachi - 4
The fourth group 1, Ozone - 3, Osonedai

The fifth branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group 5, Hiyoshi - 7
The second group 1, Minowacho - 3
The third group 4, Hiyoshihoncho - 6
The fourth group 1, Shimodamachi - 6
The fifth group 1, Hiyoshi - 4
The sixth group 1, Hiyoshihoncho - 3

The sixth branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Takada-cho, 1, Takatanishi, two, four or five orders eyes, a part of 3, Takatanishi
The second group 1, Takatahigashi - 4, a part of 3, Takatanishi
The third group The western part of Shinyoshida-cho
The fourth group The eastern part, the southern part of Shinyoshida-cho, 1, Shinyoshidahigashi - 3, a part of 4
The fifth group 1, Shinyoshidahigashi, two, a part of the 5-7 chome, a part of 4, Tsunashimanishi
The sixth group 1, Shinyoshidahigashi, a part of the 4-7 chome
The seventh group A southern part of Shinyoshida-cho, a part of 4, Shinyoshidahigashi, 8, a northern part of Nippa-cho

The seventh branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Nippa-cho (south Nippa), 1, Kitashinyokohama - 2
The second group Nippa-cho (Hisayasu Nakano)
The third group Nippa-cho (Otake)
The fourth group Nippa-cho (the center)
The fifth group Nippa-cho (north Nippa)
The sixth group Nippa-cho (Neighborhood Association)
The seventh group Nippa-cho (Neighborhood Associations)

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