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Asahi fire brigade

Last update date July 27, 2020

News from Asahi fire brigade

Recruitment of members of Asahi fire brigade!

30 (as of August 1, 2020) vacancies are over Asahi fire brigade for 655 capacity now.
At the time of large-scale disasters such as great earthquake disasters, achievement of member of fire brigade is expected.
At the time of disaster prevention instruction and disaster, new needs are born while low birthrate and aging advances particularly young power such as university student or vocational school student and power of women are required.
You become member of Asahi fire brigade, and do you not protect important town, family?


2020 schedule (we postpone by extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease or it may be canceled.)

  • Upper lifesaving class (August 23)
  • Injury training class (August 25)
  • Help practice training (during October)
  • Woman member example presentation (November 7)
  • Member of The Mayor of Yokohama fire brigade encouragement (December 28)
  • Asahi Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades (January 9)
  • Earthquake disaster measures firefighting district headquarters administration training (during January)
  • Upper lifesaving class (February 2)
  • Basic ability training (all year) of member of fire brigade

Activity report

Clothing swimming by member of woman fire brigade and lifesaving training

About 20 woman members chosen from each branch office carried out training in Wakabadai sports, culture club on Tuesday, July 7, 2020.
Heavy rain disaster produced doing in Kyushu in occasion and worked on training with earnest look while thinking about affected areas.

2019 Yokohama-shi firefighting how to handle technique training society

Yokohama-shi firefighting how to handle technique training party (part of fire brigade) was held in Yokohama-shi Fire Academy on Saturday, November 16, 2019.
The best player of the fifth branch office participated as representative of Asahi fire brigade.

2019 Asahi Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades

◆Saturday, January 5, 2019 Asahi public hall and Asahi Ward government office parking lot

Information about joining an organization

Those who wish to join Asahi fire brigade, please contact person in charge of Asahi fire department general affairs department fire brigade.
Telephone: 045-951-0119

As treatment of member of fire brigade is listed in the following pages, please confirm.
About Yokohama-shi fire brigade

Joining an organization application by electronic application is possible, too.
Yokohama-shi fire brigade joining an organization application (the outside site)

Introduction of Asahi fire brigade

Asahi fire brigade was established with Kanagawa prefectural government order No. 82 of November, 1909 as "the capital Oka fire defense organization". Afterwards, the Yokohama-shi fire brigade regulations were promulgated with "Futamatagawa civil defense unit" being set up "the capital Oka civil defense unit" in April, 1939 by the promulgation of civil defense unit ordinance, and the firefighting Organization Acts having been established in 1947, and it was integrated solution corps, and "Futamatagawa civil defense unit" became "Hodogaya fire brigade" "Hodogaya civil defense unit". We independently separated than Hodogaya fire brigade with "Asahi Ward" establishment in October, 1969, and current "Asahi fire brigade" was born.
Employment of member of woman fire brigade begins in 1997, and 117 members of woman fire brigade are playing an active part in Asahi fire brigade now. In addition, we place 25 places of appliance depots, 23 loading cars, 33 kahanshikishokatadoryoku pumps, equipments for other lifesaving in the whole area in ward and engage in fire prevention, disaster prevention in ward day and night.

The organization system of Asahi fire brigade

Organization (as of August 1, 2020) of Asahi fire brigade

The fire brigade headquarters

1 headquarters
The number of the branch offices 5 branch offices
The number of the groups 23 groups
The number of the members 625 people
Woman fire brigade number (inner number) 117 people
Loading car 23
Appliance depot 25
kahanshikishokatadoryoku pump 33
Lineup according to rank (appointment) of Asahi fire brigade
Rank The staff
Leader One
Vice-leader Three people
Headquarters's manager Five people
Manager of branch office Five people
Manager of vice-branch office 14 people
Manager 38 people
Group leader 107 people
Member 452 people
The total 625 people

Catchment area of Asahi fire brigade

The first branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Imagawa-cho, Shikimidai
The second group

It is 3 from Imajuku-cho, Imajuku 1.2 chome, Nakao 1.2 chome, Honmuracho, Futamatagawa 1.2 chome, Hajime Nakazawa chome

The third group Sachigaoka, Kashiwacho (the eastern part), a part of Zenbucho
The fifth group Nakakibogaoka, Minamikibogaoka, Kashiwacho (the western part), a part of Zenbucho

The second branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Kirigasaku, a part of Sakonyama
The second group Ichizawacho, a part of Sakonyama
The third group Mitanda-cho, Odaka-cho, a part of Sakonyama
The fourth group Motoshuku-cho, Minamihonjukucho, Oikecho, Makigahara

The third branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Imajukuminamicho
The second group Imajukuhigashi-cho, Imajukunishicho
The third group It is 3 from Kamishirane-cho, 1, Kamishirane
The fourth group

From Shiranecho, 1, Nakashirane 4, a part of Shirane 4, Shirane 5, a part of Shirane 6
Part of Shirane 7, Shirane 8

The fifth group From Shirane 1 3, a part of Shirane 4, a part of Shirane 6, a part of Shirane 7
The sixth group It is 3 from 1, Tsurugaminehoncho

The fourth branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group It is 4 from part, 1, Wakabadai of Kamikawai-cho
The second group A part of Kamikawai-cho
The third group Kawaishukucho, Kawaihoncho
The fourth group Tsuokacho
The fifth group Shimokawai-cho, Yasashicho, Kanegaya
The sixth group It is 4, 1, Kanegaya, 2 from 1, Sasanodai

The fifth branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group 1, Tsurugamine, 2
The second group A part of Nishikawashimacho, a part of Kawajima-machi
The third group A part of Kawajima-machi (harvest festival mountain), a part of Nishikawashimacho


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