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◇◆◇Kanagawa fire brigade◇◆◇

Last update date November 16, 2020

News from Kanagawa fire brigade

Leader greetings

 It is kakudenhakuyu (horn) of the tenth Kanagawa fire brigade leader.
 We work on activity aiming at new fire brigade activity every day while the history of Kanagawa fire brigade being old, and following conventional "history" and "tradition".
 Kanagawa fire brigade recruits people having you perform activity with us widely.
 We will build history of us and new Kanagawa fire brigade by all means.

Big News ☆

◇Offer ◇ We carry out recruitment of members briefing session!

◇It is the first in Yokohama-shi ◇ Large-scale disaster-response special equipment corps!

 At the time of large-scale disaster occurrence, "large-scale disaster correspondence special equipment corps" and fire department which supported activity using construction machine and heavy industrial machine, ship which company of local Kanagawa Ward held cooperated and carried out training that it comprised in various international meetings that were held in future.

◆Catalogue information magazine "Rising" publication rise offer◆

Is in fire brigade; in -?

 It is public employee of special positions in the civil service to perform disaster activity or fire prevention enlightenment activity for their area disaster prevention while getting work, studies.

Main activity contents

 When disasters such as fire, typhoon, earthquake occurred, we work on fire fighting and evacuation instruction, lifesaving.
 In addition, in normal, we proceed to company or school commencing with local event and perform disaster prevention instruction such as the handling, cardiopulmonary resuscitation of fire-fighting apparatus.

To become member of Kanagawa fire brigade

 ①18 years or older
 ②It is residence, working or to be at school in Kanagawa Ward

Person wanting to know in detail is ...

Information about joining an organization

 To Kanagawa fire brigade wish to join, and person during examination, please contact "person in charge of Kanagawa fire department general affairs, Prevention Division fire brigade".
 Tel :045-316-0119
 Mail: [email protected]

The organization system of Kanagawa fire brigade

Organization (as of October 1, 2020) of Kanagawa fire brigade
The fire brigade headquarters 1 headquarters
The number of the branch offices 9 branch offices
The number of the groups

27 groups

The number of the members 413 people
Woman fire brigade number (inner number) 78 people
Loading car 19
Appliance depot 23
kahanshikishokatadoryoku pump 31

Lineup according to rank (appointment) of Kanagawa fire brigade
Rank The staff
Leader One
Vice-leader Two people
Headquarters's manager Four people
Manager of branch office Nine people
Manager of vice-branch office 17 people
Manager 28 people
Group leader 64 people
Member 288 people

Catchment area of Kanagawa fire brigade

1 branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group

Authority of Koyasu 1-3 chome, Takaramachi, Moriyacho 1-4 chome, Ebisu-cho

The second group Inlet 1-2 chome
The third group Koyasudai 1-2 chome, 1, Shinkoyasu - 2

2 branch offices
Group Catchment area
The first group Kamezumicho, Izutacho, Shinurashimacho 1-2 chome, Mizuho-machi, Urashimacho, Shinmachi, 2, Higashikanagawa, Suzushigecho, Chiwakacho 1-3 chome
The second group 1, Higashikanagawa, Hashimotocho 1-3 chome, Hoshinocho, Kanagawa 1-2 chome, Honcho, Kanagawa
The third group Sakaemachi, Aokicho, Kougaya, Onocho, Yamanouchicho, Kinkochou

3 branch offices
Group Catchment area
The first group Tsuruyacho 1-3 chome, Daimachi, Takashimadai, Kiribatake, Hirodaiootamachi, Tammachi 1-4 chome, Kamitanmachi 1-2 chome
The second group Matsumotocho 1-6 chome, Izumicho, Sawando, Matsugaoka, Kuritaya, Asahigaoka
The third group Mitsusawakamicho, Mitsuzawanakamachi, Mitsusawashimocho, Mitsuzawaminamimachi, Mitsuzawanishimachi, Mitsuzawahigashimachi

The fourth branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Hazawa-cho, 1, Hazawaminami - 4
The second group 1419, Sugatacho - 2978
The third group 1, Sugatacho - 1418

5 branch offices
Group Catchment area
The first group Futatsuyacho, 1, Nishikanagawa
The second group 2, Nishikanagawa - three orders eyes, Hirakawacho, Nihonenoki, Saitobunchou, Nakamaru
The third group Urashimaoka, Tachimachi, Tomiyacho, Torigoe, Hakuraku

6 branch offices
Group Catchment area
The first group Shirahatacho, Shirahatakamicho, Shirahatamukaicho
The second group Shirahatanakacho, Shirahatahigashicho
The third group Shirahataminamicho, Shirahatanishicho

7 branch offices
Group Catchment area
The first group Rokukakubashi 4.5 chome
The second group Rokukakubashi 2.6 chome
The third group Rokukakubashi 1.3 chome

8 branch offices
Group Catchment area
The first group

Authority of big mouth, Nakacho, Okuchi, Nishioguchi, Nanatsujima-cho

The second group Matsumicho 1-4 chome
The third group Nishiterao 1-4 chome, Kaminokicho, Kaminokidai

9 branch offices
Group Catchment area
The first group 1, Kandaiji - 4
The second group 1, Katakura - 5
The third group Sanmaicho

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Telephone: 045-316-0119

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