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City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau outing disaster prevention classroom

Last update date March 12, 2019

Outing disaster prevention classroom


Learning type

We explain using the video teaching materials which produced work or role of firefighting for primary schoolchildren newly and exclusive text clearly.
In addition, we explain methods to protect the body from fear, earthquake of fire and smoke in addition.

The training text to use in this business

Learning scenery 1
Learning using text

Learning scenery 2

Experience-based model

We perform report experience, smoke experience, fire extinguishing experience.

Emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance training
The point of right emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance

Smoke experience
Smoke experience (the evacuation point at the time of fire)

Fire extinguishing experience
The fire extinguisher handling point


Depending on request, we can carry out display of firefighting vehicle or wearing experience of fire prevention batter.

Image of display of firefighting vehicle
Display of firefighting vehicle

Image of wearing experience of fire prevention batter
Wearing experience of fire prevention batter

Outing disaster prevention classroom training text

Do you know?

Method ... which protects the body from ... fire and smoke, earthquake



  • What is fire? What is smoke?
  • Method of evacuation
  • The way of emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance
  • How to use fire extinguisher
  • To protect the body from earthquake
  • Work of firefighting

(by 1 page of spread)
{pdf}(1)Cover, back cover (PDF: 875KB)
{pdf}(2)P1 - 2 (PDF: 746KB)
{pdf}(3)P3 - 4 (PDF: 667KB)
{pdf}(4)P5 - 6 (PDF: 850KB)
{pdf}(5)P7 - 8 (PDF: 1,003KB)
{pdf}(6)P9 - 10 (PDF: 910KB)
{pdf}(7)P11 - 12 (PDF: 1,082KB)
{pdf}(8)P13 - 14 (PDF: 1,843KB)

About disaster prevention classroom application to go out

It is ... to teachers of elementary school
Please inform fire department of administrative section with school of application for outing disaster prevention classroom beforehand. We will inform about application methods.

To page of fire department in Yokohama-shi

After fire department and preadjustment, apply using the following style.

Outing disaster prevention classroom application (word: 32KB)

Information creator: Preventive part Prevention Division
Information making day: 2013.6.1

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