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Member of home disaster prevention

Last update date October 20, 2020

With member of home disaster prevention system…? | Attractive various training| Voluntary activity casebook| Q&A that member of home disaster prevention is common in


As the training system that member of home disaster prevention system begins with self support and connects with leading figure of local disaster prevention, we are alone, and many citizens attend this training and are intended that we wear necessary knowledge and technique about fire prevention, disaster prevention.

In late years we performed review of system because a lot of natural disasters occurred, and importance of "community support" had been increasing with "self support". And we are performing the new training contents now.
Various disasters might occur in future.

Do you not become member of home disaster prevention, too?

 Member of home disaster prevention training text (PDF: 10,068KB) 
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The fire prevention training

  • House fire prevention measures
  • Report and evacuation
  • Initial-stage fire-fighting techniques.

Design of the fire prevention training

The emergency training

  • Structure of first aid
  • First aid treatment (at the time of bone fracture actions to be taken at the time of bleeding)
  • The lifesaving measures point (the handling of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED)
  • Preventive first aid (instructions not to be hurt)

First aid treatment

The earthquake training

  • Knowledge of earthquake
  • The preparation to earthquake
  • Correspondence at the time of earthquake
  • Example and lesson of earthquake

Design of the earthquake training

The storm and flood damage training

  • Knowledge of storm and flood damage
  • The preparation to storm and flood damage
  • Response to storm and flood damage
  • Example and lesson of storm and flood damage

The storm and flood damage training


Disaster training in the figure

  • While participant writes in information such as dangerous prediction or evacuation sites around big map, it is training to discuss local disaster prevention measures.

Disaster training in the figure

State of DIG

※About the training time and the training conduct number of times, please ask each fire department.

●The member of home disaster prevention skill up training

Fire department plans curriculum (disaster prevention lectures) depending on request of member of local fact, home disaster prevention and carries out.

Member of home disaster prevention predominates and is voluntary activity to perform for local fire prevention, disaster prevention.

Individual or group of members of home disaster prevention plans and, by the training, training, research activity to carry out, supports subsidy within the limit every activity item.

Simple restroom
[making of simple restroom]

Disaster prevention tile version
[making for disaster prevention tile]

Please consult with the nearest fire department about application for voluntary activity after checking dossier.
・Member of home disaster prevention independence activity subsidy summary (PDF: 129KB)
・Subsidy application styles (word: 98KB)
・Operation (PDF: 181KB) of member of home disaster prevention independence activity subsidy summary
・Guide (word: 22KB) of voluntary activity subsidy application

To have participate in the training in peace; ...

  • Temporary day care system…During the training, I take small child (as a general rule, from 2 years old to 6 years old).
  • There is constant compensation by the regulations of city by any chance when accident occurs and is wounded.

We introduce member of home disaster prevention independence activity example!

We want to receive the training of member of home disaster prevention…?

You have you receive recommendation from Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, and please apply for the training.
As you are different in each ward, please refer to each fire department for method of recommendation, the deadline of the training application.

We work, can you receive the training?

There is the training holding in the night on Saturday, Sunday and weekdays. As you receive training at your imminent place, please participate.

Child is small, can you receive the training?

As there is "temporary day care system" to take small child during the training, we can participate in peace. Please refer to the nearest fire department for the details.

We are physically worried whether you can receive the training.

As contents with intense exercise do not have the training of fire prevention, disaster prevention, first aid, don't worry.

Member of home disaster prevention has term…?

We do not arrange term, but are doing with one year for internship. When all training cannot take lectures by convenience, we can attend the training of non-attendance after the next fiscal year.

What is member of contact?

When we admit with need in the fire department to do the contact system with member of home disaster prevention of area of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations thickly, we ask for member of notification as unit in Neighborhood Association in members of district notification as unit in district alliance Neighborhood Associations and have you cooperate.

Please contact each person in charge of fire department general affairs, Prevention Division prevention or Fire Bureau Prevention Division for detailed inquiry about member of home disaster prevention.

Information creator: Preventive part Prevention Division
Information update day: 2017.10.13

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