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Disaster prevention measures of high-rise building apartment

Last update date February 14, 2019

When major earthquake is generated, damage such as stop of elevator, stop of public utilities such as fall of damage, office equipment and furniture of windowpane, electricity, water supply, gas is assumed in high-rise building apartment.
Manager of high-rise building apartment will try for the following measures.

Let's try for common knowledge of prevention of fall of furniture and office equipment

On upper floors, slow shaking may continue very for a long time.
Let's carry out prevention of fall of furniture and office equipment thoroughly.

Let's store in apartment and building

The up rainfall and transportation of thing become difficult, and house and office might stand alone to take long time before restoration when elevator stops.
It will comprise article which is usually necessary at the time of disasters such as food and drinking water, portable toilet.

Let's make structure of voluntary disaster prevention

When public utilities such as elevator or electricity, water supply, gas stops, various troubles occur for life.
We talk about disaster prevention manual and disaster drill, the everyday preparation in inhabitants of building apartment, and let's prepare to be able to perform safety confirmation such as securing of personal security or quick fire fighting, family.

Let's try for setting of control driving device at P wave type earthquake

Sensor senses initial wave of earthquake and stops elevator automatically in the nearest floor, and P wave type earthquake control driving device is device evacuating passenger safely.
Setting is required into elevator founded after 2009, but let's examine setting of device as there is elevator which is available for setting by repair in the case of non-setting.

If earthquake is generated; ...

At first, we overwhelm all the buttons of destination floor, and let's carry out that we get off in floor that we stopped thoroughly first if we feel shaking by elevator.
1 birr one restoration rule
Member of maintenance of maintenance company carries out restoration of elevator. As only one 1 birr lets you restore to plan early function recovery in even slightly many buildings and leaves for repair work of other buildings, understanding and cooperation, please.

*As for the details about elevator, please see homepage of Japan Elevator Association (the outside site).
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