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evacuation shelter-related terms

Final update date January 21, 2019

Yokohama-shi-disaster preparedness plan

The Yokohama disaster preparedness plan is a regional disaster preparedness plan is a regional city formulated by the Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Council as a basic and comprehensive plan to deal with disasters in Motoichi based on Article 42 of the Basic Act on Disaster Countermeasures (Act No. 223 of 1961). It consists of three parts: "Earthquake Countermeasures", "Wind and Flood Damage Countermeasures", and "Urban Disaster Countermeasures".

evacuation shelter Stockpile

Of elementary and junior high schools close to citizens, we are developing schools designated as evacuation sites City at the time of disaster. We stock up on disaster prevention equipment, evacuation supplies, food, etc.

Ward Office Disaster Storage

It's a supply base for evacuation shelter. In the event of a disaster, it will be a storage base for each area and a receiving base from other cities. In addition, we store in firefighting branch office as dispersed storage place of ward office.

Stockpile by direction

It is a replenishment base for supplies to each ward. We divide city area largely and install according to direction.

evacuation area

When a large fire due to an earthquake or the like occurs and the fire is spread, it is designated as a place to evacuate to protect life and body from the radiant heat and smoke.

helicopter sign

In order to carry out rescue activities using helicopters, school names are displayed in letters on evacuation shelter can be seen from the sky in order to carry out rescue activities by helicopter.

Underground water tank for disaster

Usually, it is an underground water tank where fresh tap water flows as part of the water pipe. When the water pressure drops, it flows in, the valve of the runoff closes, and the drinking water is stored. As a local water supply base away from distribution reservoirs, we have developed mainly at elementary and junior high schools that are evacuation shelter.

emergency water tap

This facility lays an earthquake-resistant pipeline from an earthquake-resistant water distribution trunk line and installs an emergency water supply device at its tip to supply water. It is maintained at elementary and junior high schools, ward offices, parks, etc. in evacuation shelter Prefecture.

Disaster Emergency Wells

Wells that can be provided as domestic water for washing water (washing, etc.) to local people in the event of a disaster are designated as disaster emergency wells. The wells that have cooperated have a plate for "House for Emergency Well Cooperation".

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