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Evacuation shelter-related term

Last update date January 21, 2019

Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan

Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan is regional plan for disaster prevention which Yokohama-shi disaster prevention meeting devises as basic and general plan to deal with disaster in Motoichi based on Disaster Laws (1961 law No. 223) Article 42, and "earthquake disaster measures edition" and "storm and flood damage measures edition" are comprised of three parts of "city anti-disaster measures edition".

The storage of evacuation shelter storage

Among elementary and junior high schools which are familiar to citizen, we are maintaining at school appointed in evacuation sites at the time of disaster. We store disaster prevention equipments and life as an evacuee article, food.

The storage of storage for ward office disaster

It is supply supplies base to evacuation shelter. At the time of disaster, it becomes acceptance base from the storage of storage according to the area or other cities. In addition, as dispersion storage area of ward office, we store in firefighting branch office.

The storage of storage according to the area

It is supplement base of supply supplies to each ward. We greatly divide city limits and install according to the areas.

Evacuation area

When conflagration caused by earthquakes occurs, and deferred roast spreads, we appoint as place to evacuate to to protect life, body from radiant heat and smoke.

Copter signature

With helicopter write letter, and, on the school building roof of school which is evacuation shelter to be able to recognize visually from the sky, display school name to conduct a rescue operation.

Water tank for disaster under the ground

When the water pressure decreases with-type water tank which fresh tap water flows through as some water pipes under the ground, inflow, valve of outflow close, and it is usually in structure that drinking water is retained. We maintain around elementary and junior high school becoming evacuation shelter as local water supply base away from distributing reservoir.

Urgent feed cock

We install earthquake-resistant duct line from water supply main line resisting earthquake and, in facility which attaches emergency water supply equipment to the tip, and supplies with water, maintain to elementary and junior high school, ward office, park of evacuation shelter.

Well for disaster emergency

We appoint well which you can provide to local people as life water such as lavation (washing use) at the time of disaster as well for disaster emergency. We raise plate of "house of well cooperation for disaster emergency" in well having you cooperate.

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