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Setting, administration of the evacuation shelter evacuation shelter governing board

Last update date January 16, 2019

We perform maintenance of security and orderly life as an evacuee or help, rescue utilizing disaster prevention equipments in evacuation shelter by "the evacuation shelter governing board" comprised at area, school, ward office.

1.Main activity at the time of disaster

(1) Cancellation of key, safe confirmation of building
(2) Refuge establishment, refugee ward percent, instruction
(3) As for first aid treatment, elderly person, the person with a disability of injured, it is supported tower required
(4) Help utilizing safety confirmation of family, disaster prevention equipments
(5) Distribution such as setting and food, relief supplies of temporary toilet

2.Main activity in normal

(1) Making of refuge administration manual
(2) Holding of the handling classes such as disaster prevention equipments and disaster prevention workshop
(3) Conduct of disaster drill and the training of local disaster prevention leader

In addition, we form "evacuation shelter governing board contact meeting" to plan contact between the governing boards in each ward and cooperation.

Activities of the governing board

Assembling training of tent type restroom
Activities (assembling training of tent type restroom) of the governing board

The handling training of engine cutter
Activities (the handling training of engine cutter) of the governing board

Organizational chart

Organizational chart

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