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List of evacuation shelter evacuation shelter storage products

Last update date January 17, 2019

In the storage of disaster prevention storage of evacuation shelter, we maintain these storage product for maintenance of help, rescue operation and life as an evacuee of hatsuwazawaiji.
List of storage products of evacuation shelter (PDF: 101KB)

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Main help, relief article
Engine cutter(image: 114KB)Engine cutterTwoLeather gloves, dust proofing glasses are set
Generator(image: 93KB)Gasoline-type generatorFive 
 Gas-type generatorOne 

Rescue jack(image: 143KB)

Rescue jackOne4 tons of oil pressure units, accessories
The projection of the light period(image: 133KB)FloodlightFiveShield beam

Scoop(image: 183KB)

ScoopFive970mm in total length

Metal ladder(image: 141KB)

Metal ladderOneIt is made of aluminum alloy,
4.6m in total length, shukushin 2.9m

Help rope(image: 172KB)

Lifesaving ropeFive12mm in diameter, 200m winding

Pickaxe(image: 206KB)

PickaxeFiveBoth cranes, 900mm in total length

Large bar(image: 186KB)

Large barFiveFlat model, 900mm

Heaver(image: 185KB)

HeaverFiveDiameter 25mm, 1.2m in total length

Large mallet(image: 176KB)

Large malletTwoTrunk diameter 135mm, 900mm in total length

Sledgehammer(image: 200KB)

SledgehammerFiveBoth mouths, 900mm in total length
Big hatchet(image: 215KB)Big hatchetFiveWith pattern made of 750mm in total length, book

Saw(image: 210KB)

SawFiveLength of a blade 330mm

Wire cutter(image: 204KB)

Wire cutterFive350mm in total length

Stretcher(image: 129KB)


Paul (the one for emergency stretcher(image: 147KB)

Paul (for emergency stretcher)TenDiameter about 38mm, 2m in total length

Hand microphone(image: 170KB)

Hand microphoneTwoDiameter 210mm, 360mm in total length
Helmet(image: 112KB)HelmetTenMade of resin
Bicycle-drawn cart(image: 107KB)Bicycle-drawn cartTwo

Folding expression, a no flat tire

Grand seat(image: 156KB)Grand seatTen pieces

Product made in polyethylene

Crutch(image: 194KB)Crutch

Five sets

1,000-1,300mm in total length

Main life article

Mobile rice cooker(image: 79KB)

(base in the case of elementary school)
Mobile rice cooker or kerosene-type furnace set

One or one set 
Gas furnace set(image: 79KB)

(base in the case of junior high school)
Gas furnace set

One set 
Life miscellaneous goods(image: 73KB)Paper diaper for elderly person210 pieces 
Paper diaper for infants1,350 pieces 
Sanitary products425 
Toilet paper192 volumes 
Blanket(image: 150KB)Blanket240 pieces

Incombustible 1,400*1,950mm
(explanatory note) When there is not space space, we store in the storage of storage according to the area.

Seat for thermal insulation(image: 138KB)Seat for thermal insulation150 pieces 
Pack-type restroom(image: 125KB)Simple restroom toilet seatSix engines 
Restroom pack5,000 sets 
Tent type restroom (Western style)(image: 58KB)Tent type restroom (Western style)Two either 
Tent type restroom (Japanese style)(image: 68KB)Tent type restroom (Japanese style) 
Temporary assembling-type restroom (Japanese style)(image: 53KB)Temporary assembling-type restroom (Japanese style) 
Water tank for water supply(image: 99KB)Water tank for water supplyOneAbout 1,000l in capacity

Food, water
Food, water(image: 61KB)Crackers1,000 meals 
Preservation bread1,000 meals 
Dry milk, nursing bottle20 sets 
Rice porridge460 meals 
Water canned foods2,000 cans 
Soup220 meals 

About raw materials

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