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With evacuation shelter evacuation shelter (designated refuge)

Last update date September 11, 2018

In Yokohama-shi, we appoint imminent municipal elementary and junior high schools in designated refuge and push forward storage such as setting of the storage of disaster prevention storage, disaster prevention equipments, food as evacuation shelter and, also, deploy digital mobile radio in each base as information tray vehicle such as damage information.
We usually have place of talks in family or area and will confirm safe course to evacuation shelter.

※We will identify "designated urgent evacuation sites" to escape from danger of urgent disaster in addition as "designated refuge" taking shelter.
"Designated refuge" and page of "designated urgent evacuation sites"

Figure of evacuation shelter image

Link Figure of image of evacuation shelter (PDF: 255KB)

Earthquake resistance of school facility

We pushed forward seismic strengthening targeting at gymnasium, school buildings which we built in before new earthquake proofing standard (before 1980).

Maintenance of the storage of disaster prevention storage

We maintain the storage of disaster prevention storage to keep disaster prevention equipments or food. There is thing which founds prefab warehouse in school land that we remodel space classrooms in school into the storage of disaster prevention storage.

Securing of drinking water

For securing of drinking water, we pushed forward utilization with maintenance of water tank for disaster under the ground and urgent feed cock, cistern to receive. In addition, we push forward good use of fire hydrant and maintenance of earthquake-resistant feed cock.

Page (City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau) of disaster water station

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