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Evacuation shelter

Last update date September 10, 2020

Disaster prevention measures of Yokohama-shi

Since Hanshin Awaji major earthquake generated in January, 1995, we did this earthquake with valuable lesson in Motoichi and, based on faith called "citizen's life and property ensuring the security in the one which was the most important for administration", reviewed earthquake measures from practical point of view.

April, 1995, review that carried out first of evacuation shelter designated. Furthermore, in elementary and junior high school appointed in evacuation shelter from the same year, we maintained the storage of disaster prevention storage and, including disaster prevention equipments for lifesaving including saw, bar jack engine cutter, stored food such as biscuit, water canned foods and began maintenance as evacuation shelter. We maintained 459 places by the end of 2016.

By large-scale earthquake disaster such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, disaster prevention activity by activity of fire brigade and rescue team and mutual cooperation of citizen's who particularly local, lives in total becomes essential.

Preparations and training are usually necessary to be able to carry out an effective activity in the case of emergency. We always have feeling "that area of everybody to protect by hand own protects as for own body together" and would appreciate your always comprising for disaster.

Thing about setting and administration of the evacuation shelter governing board

  • The disaster medical care offer system
  • Storage of earthquake disaster building emergency degree of risk judgment equipments
  • Securing of drinking water
  • Disaster prevention departments in charge of ward office

LinkList of evacuation shelter

List of evacuation shelter (homepage of each ward)
  Tsurumi Ward
  Kanagawa Ward
  Nishi Ward
  Naka Ward
  Minami Ward
  Konan Ward
  Hodogaya Ward
  Asahi Ward
  Isogo Ward
  Kanazawa Ward
  Kohoku Ward
  Midori Ward
  Aoba Ward
  Tsuzuki Ward  
  Totsuka Ward
  Sakae Ward
  Izumi Ward
  Seya Ward
  We map disaster prevention noisily (the outside site)

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