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evacuation shelter

Final update date February 17, 2021

Disaster Prevention Measures in Yokohama

Since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that occurred in January 1995, the city has used this earthquake as a valuable lesson, and based on the belief that "the most important thing for the government is to ensure the safety of citizens' lives and property," We have reviewed earthquake countermeasures from a practical perspective.

The first review implemented in April 1995 was designated by evacuation shelter's designation. In addition, a disaster prevention storage was set up at an elementary and junior high school designated as a evacuation shelter-based emergency storage facilities for disaster prevention equipment such as saws, crowbars, jacks, engine cutters, as well as food such as dry bread and water cans. And started maintenance as aevacuation shelter. By the end of FY2016, we had 459 locations.

In the event of a large-scale earthquake such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, along with the activities of the fire brigade and rescue squad, disaster prevention activities with the mutual cooperation of citizens living in the area are particularly indispensable.

In order to be able to carry out effective activities in an emergency, preparation and training are required on a regular basis. We always have the feeling that "I will protect myself with my own hands and protect everyone's area together", and we hope that you will always be prepared for disasters.

Thing about setting up and operation of evacuation shelter Management Committee

  • Disaster Medical Service System
  • Stockpiling of equipment for emergency risk assessment of buildings
  • Securing drinking water
  • Disaster Prevention Section of the Ward Office

LinkageList of evacuation shelter

List of evacuation shelter (homepage of each ward)
  Tsurumi Ward
  Kanagawa Ward
  Nishi Ward
  Naka Ward
  Minami Ward
  Konan Ward
  Hodogaya Ward
  Asahi Ward
  Isogo Ward
  Kanazawa Ward
  Kohoku Ward
  Midori Ward
  Aoba Ward
  Tsuzuki Ward  
  Totsuka Ward
  Sakae Ward
  Izumi Ward
  Seya Ward
  Wai Wai Disaster Prevention Map (outside site)

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