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Measures for people unable to return home

Final update date September 12, 2018

Due to a huge M9.0 earthquake that occurred off the Pacific coast of the Tohoku region at 14:46 on March 11, 2011, most railways in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where shaking with a seismic intensity of 5 or more was observed, stopped operating. Was.
Since the earthquake occurred during the daytime on weekdays, many commuters and students stayed in offices and schools in the city center, and many people were deprived of their return home. In Motoichi, we perform people unable to return home as follows based on the lessons learned.

Efforts to reduce outbreaks in people unable to return home O

Information on temporary accommodation facilities in people unable to return home's Temporary

Support for returning home on foot in a disaster

Preparations for individuals and companies, and safety confirmation for Individuals and Companies

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