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As people unable to return home does not have

Last update date January 18, 2019

The preparation in individuals

Disaster occurs in whereabouts, and it is important to assume case that became hard to come home, and to prepare. We will prepare for necessary supplies for return on foot and temporary evacuation.

・Let's carry map, portable radio, battery charger of cell-phone when going out.
・We will prepare for sneakers and flashlight, gloves, drinking water which are easy to walk in the workplaces.
・We will get ready to be able to stay in the workplace to avoid confusion, and to come home after the next day.
・We will usually decide method and meeting place of safety confirmation in families.
・We do preventive measures against falls such as home earthquake resistance or furniture and will reduce cause of injury of home destruction and family beforehand.
・People unable to return home manual at the time of major earthquake occurrence: Before thing for major earthquake occurrence possess, and is safety confirmation after outbreak, manual of pocket size that placed in information about stay facility and foot return at one time. We make along (how to make) of mention, and we put in the pass holders, and let's carry.

Yokohama-shi people unable to return home manual (PDF: 4,275KB)

The preparation in companies

We decide preparations and action rules such as necessary supplies, and let's take measures against safe return and attendance such as employees, consecutive securing of duties beforehand.

・Let's try to store food and drinking water, portable toilet, blanket so that employee stays in office for a certain period of time.
・Let's act for environment maintenance that finishes keeping employees including earthquake resistance of building, prevention of fall, fall, movement such as libraries, prevention of scattering of glass in offices safely.
・It is not in company, and even individual will get ready to supply rockers with drinking water and portable food.
・We will decide rule so that we come home on the next day to wait in office when we can confirm the safety of family, and employee comes home safely.
・We will prepare for storage and stay space of food and drinking water, portable toilet, blanket to have done so, and to stay temporarily as it may become hard to come home when disaster happens while facility user and customer stay in office.

We do not start movement without any reason

It is thought that we start action that many people become anxious about house and family and return from company, school, whereabouts to home as soon as possible soon after large-scale earthquake occurred.
When earthquake occurs in metropolitan area, and many people come home all at once, the sidewalk top comes out to place to push forward only 400m in crowded train state an hour. Because we are involved in group fall when we move in such situation, and we get injured, and state dangerous at all is assumed by falling objects from fire and building, it is important "not to start movement without any reason" in just after the disaster occurrence.

Safety confirmation

At first, let's confirm family and the home safety. The situation waits to calm down if we can confirm the safety of family and can do time difference return. When we usually decide contact method with family at the time of disaster beforehand, and means of transportation were cut off, we will convey that we may not come home.
It is expected that call centers in just after the disaster occurrence, and Communication Bureau becomes hard to be related by landline and cell-phone by suffering. We utilize service provided at one time by message board service utilizing custody and function of cell-phone, each carrier including message offer utilizing the Internet of message by sound, and let's make use for safety confirmation.

In safety confirmation of family

We dial with disaster message board "171"

Service to have record and playback of message. Even cell-phone and public telephone are available. Preservation time for message is 48 hours. Registration, confirmation is possible on Web.
NTT East Japan "disaster message dial 171" (the outside site)
NTT East Japan "broadband message board web171 for disaster" (the outside site)

From official menu of message board services carrying for disaster

Service to register safety information with cell-phone, and to confirm
NTT DOCOMO "message board for disaster" (the outside site)
au "service for disaster for message" (the outside site)
Softbank "service for disaster for message" (the outside site)
Y!mobile "service for disaster for message" (the outside site)


With Phone number or full name, we can search provided safety information from message board, news media, evacuation shelter (refuge) for disaster collectively.
Compile safety information; and search "J-anpi" (the outside site)

Reference HP
susume (City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau/office) of "reduce disaster damage action" (PDF: 891KB)
Disaster prevention metropolitan area net (make in nine capital prefecture cities) (the outside site)

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