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About support to person of return on foot

Last update date January 16, 2019

Support by disaster return support stations

In nine capital prefecture cities, we tie up convenience store and family restaurant, service station and agreement for people coming home at the time of disaster on foot. Restroom, tap water are available and, at these stores, can offer vehicle information as far as it is possible.
We call store which approved of agreement with "disaster return support station" or "person of disaster foot return support station" and post exclusive sticker on position that user including entrance of store is easy to consider.

Disaster return support station sticker

Disaster foot return support station sticker

Person of Yokohama-shi foot return support map (PDF: 10,126KB): We can confirm stay facility on map at people unable to return home 1:00.

Support contents

Offer of tap water, restroom, offers such as road information with maps, disaster information that we can know on radios, offer of place of temporary break

Agreement conclusion company

1.The conclusion in nine capital prefecture cities
Nine capital prefecture city summit meeting disaster prevention, crisis management task force homepage (the outside site): Nine capital prefecture city HP links
2.The conclusion in four prefectures of cities (Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi, Sagamihara-shi, Yokohama-shi)
・The Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism Honganji group Tokyo parish Kanagawa group
・The Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism Honganji group Tokyo parish Kamakura group
・Kanagawa hairdressing life hygiene trade association
・Nets Toyota Yokohama company
・Kanagawa beauty business life hygiene trade association
・Consumers' cooperative you co-op
・Yokohama dispensing pharmacy
・Higashitotsuka dispensing pharmacy
・Kikuna, Yokohama drugstore
・Seikatsu-Kurabu Consumer Cooperative, Kanagawa
・Wide Hamakita Seikatsu-Kurabu Consumer Cooperative
・See Yokohama all; Seikatsu-Kurabu Consumer Cooperative
・Kawasaki Seikatsu-Kurabu Consumer Cooperative
・Shonan Seikatsu-Kurabu Consumer Cooperative
・Sagami Seikatsu-Kurabu Consumer Cooperative
・The back of the consumers' cooperative is CO-OP
・All-Japan crew consumers' cooperative

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