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Support for those returning home on foot

Final update date January 16, 2019

Support by disaster return support stations

Nine prefectures have agreements with convenience stores, family restaurants, gas stations, etc. for those who return home on foot in the event of a disaster. These stores can use toilets and tap water, as well as provide road traffic information to the extent possible.
Stores that agree with the agreement are called "Disaster Return Home Support Stations" or "Disaster Walk Return Home Support Stations", and special stickers are posted at locations that are easy for users to see, such as the entrance of stores.

Disaster return home support station sticker

Support station sticker for returning home on foot in a disaster

Yokohama-shi walk homecoming person support map (PDF: 10,126KB): people unable to return home temporary accommodation facilities can be confirmed on the map.

Support details

Provision of tap water and toilets, provision of road information by map, provision of disaster information that can be learned by radio, provision of temporary rest areas, etc.

Agreement conclusion company

1.Concluded in nine prefectures and cities
Nine prefectures summit disaster prevention, crisis management measures committee homepage (outside site): Nine prefectures HP link
2.Concluded in four prefectures (Kanagawa, Kawasaki, Sagamihara and Yokohama).
・Jodo Shinshu Honganji school Tokyo school district Kanagawa group
・Jodo Shinshu Honganji school Tokyo school district Kamakura group
・Kanagawa Prefecture Barber Health Association
・Nets Toyota Yokohama Co., Ltd.
・Kanagawa Prefecture Beauty and Health Association
・co-op co-op
・Yokohama Dispensing Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
・Higashitozuka Dispensing Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
・Yokohama Kikuna Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
・Consumer club co-op Kanagawa
・Yokohamakita Life Club Co-op
・Yokohama Minami Life Club Co-op
・Kawasaki life club co-op
・Shonan life club co-op
・Sagami life club co-op
・Co-operative Uraga CO-OP
・All Japan Marine Cooperative

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