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People unable to return home temporary stay facility

Last update date January 12, 2021

We accept people unable to return home without place that waits until return is enabled temporarily and, other than break place, are facility which carries out restroom, tap water, offer of information as far as it is possible.
Motoichi pushes forward town planning that people visiting Yokohama on sightseeing and business trip can spend in peace as well as citizen's all of you while having cooperation of private business people. When it becomes hard to come home when we go out in the city, we possess and appoint stay facility at people unable to return home 1:00 by any chance.

List of people unable to return home temporary stay facilities

Of Name of the facility or the nearest station of temporary stay facility can confirm.

※Instructions when stay facility is used at one time

  • Stay facility is not facility established hatsuwazawaigochoku chini at one time. At first, you secure personal security in station and the facilities using, and please wait.
  • Even if is appointed at one time in stay facility, depending on the damaged situation and acceptance situation, we may not stay in facility.
  • In stay facility, we can receive offer of tap water and restroom at one time, but may not provide depending on the damaged situation.
  • We need time for establishment preparations for facility.
  • In the use of facility, please keep the appropriate use in mind according to instructions of facility manager.
  • Stay in stay facility becomes at one time until the principle next morning.

People unable to return home temporary stay facility search system "temporary stay facility NAVI"

We can search facility near the present location. In the case of time of peace, we will confirm where in way home such as enrolling in bookmark or company or school there is facility.

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