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Damage Estimation in Yokohama

Final update date February 14, 2019

About earthquake damage assumption of Yokohama-shi

It is important to assume in advance what kind of impact will be caused by a major earthquake in consideration of reduce disaster damage. So is it a lesson from the Great East Japan Earthquake?
Based on new scientific knowledge and accumulated earthquake-related data, discussions were held with academics and business operators in public utilities will discuss the new earthquake damage concept.
We have formulated a rule. (If you would like to see more details, Yokohama City Earthquake Damage Estimation Survey Report (October 2012)

Earthquakes targeted

The earthquake damage assumption covers four earthquakes.

●Genroku Kanto Earthquake
Energy equivalent to twice as much as Taisho earthquake, which caused the Great Kanto Earthquake, is twice as
This is a magnitude 8.1 earthquake that emits ruby. City
The maximum seismic intensity is assumed to be 7.

●Great Nankai Trough Earthquake
Ma has been featured by the Cabinet Office as a major tsunami.
This is a 9 class earthquake.

●Northern Tokyo Bay Earthquake
Mag, which is considered to have a significant impact on the Tokyo metropolitan area including the city.
It is an assumed earthquake of Nichudo 7.3.

●Keicho Earthquake
Fiscal 2011 to bring a big tsunami
This is the assumed earthquake set by Kanagawa Prefecture.
At high tide, even in Yokohama city, it is flooded to about 4.9 meters above sea level.
It is supposed to be.

Earthquake map

This damage occurred throughout the city.…(Assumed by Genroku earthquake, tsunami earthquake.
Earthquake damage assumption in the city
due to strong shaking
Number of buildings completely destroyed
137,100 buildings
a fire
Number of burned buildings
77,700 buildings
Number of buildings completely destroyed
7,880 buildings
due to the collapse of steep slopes
Number of buildings completely destroyed
443 buildings
by tsunami
Number of buildings completely destroyed
27,000 buildings
Due to collapse
Number of deaths
1,700 people
a fire
Number of deaths
1,550 people
Number of evacuees
577,000 people
Number of people unable to return home
455,000 people
Number of deaths from tsunami
595 people

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