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Damage assumption of Yokohama-shi

Last update date February 14, 2019

About earthquake damage assumption of Yokohama-shi

What we assume beforehand what kind of influence there is by major earthquake is important in thinking about reduce disaster damage action. Therefore is it lesson of the Great East Japan Earthquake?
jifuruihigaiso which repeats discussions based on ra, new scientific knowledge and earthquake-related data which accumulated with person of learning and public utilities company, and is new
We devised constant o. (as for the person who wants to look at in detail Yokohama-shi earthquake damage assumption working papers (October, 2012))

Earthquake that it was said that it was targeted for assumption

We did four earthquakes for earthquake damage assumption if targeted for assumption.

●Genroku era type Kanto earthquake
Energy of about 2 times of Taisho type Kanto earthquake which brought the Great Kanto Earthquake
It is 8.1-magnitude assumption earthquake to give off rugi. The city
Maximum seismic intensity is assumed to be 7 of this.

●Nankai Trough massive earthquake
ma which we take up as thing bringing massive tsunami in Cabinet Office
It is assumption earthquake of gunichudo nine classes.

●Earthquake in northern Tokyo Bay
Mug that it is said that influence in metropolitan area including Motoichi is extremely big
It is assumption earthquake of nichudo 7.3.

●The Keicho era type earthquake
As thing bringing big tsunami to Tokyo Bay 2011
It is assumption earthquake that Kanagawa set in this.
It is flooded to about 4.9 meters above sea level at the time of high tide in Yokohama-shi
We are assumed to be thing.

Figure of assumption earthquake

Damage that does not come in the whole city…(assumption, tsunami assume by the Keicho era type earthquake by the Genroku era type earthquake)
Earthquake damage assumption in the city
It depends on strong shaking
The number of building complete or partial destruction ridges
It depends on fire
The number of building destruction by fire ridges
It depends on liquefaction
The number of building complete or partial destruction ridges
It depends on steep slope collapse
The number of building complete or partial destruction ridges
It depends on tsunami
The number of building complete or partial destruction ridges
It depends on thing collapse
The death toll
1,700 people
It depends on fire
The death toll
1,550 people
The number of the refugees
577,000 people
The number of the people unable to return home
455,000 people
The death toll by tsunami
595 people

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