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Last update date February 14, 2019

Do you prepare for storage product and evacuation materials?

In just after the disaster occurrence, the purchase of food and daily necessities becomes difficult. We think about family constitution and will do necessary storage.
In addition, we will prepare for evacuation materials in place to be able to take out immediately. Indication of quantity to store is share for at least three days.

... storage product ...

Drinking water: 9ℓ is indication in minute for three days per person. (example), in the case of family of 3, is three X 9ℓ = 27ℓ

Food: Thing, canned foods (thing that can opener is unnecessary) which we can eat without cooking including crackers
※Person with food allergy will store thing suitable for oneself.

Restroom pack: It is "coagulating agent" to install in domestic restrooms, and to use and set of "processing bag". We can purchase in home centers.

... evacuation materials ...

Lantern: Let's prepare spare battery.

Portable radio: We prepare AM, both FM thing to listen to, and spare battery will prepare a little too much.

Valuables: Cash, deposits and savings bankbook, private seal, health insurance card

Others: Paper plate, paper cup, ER doc medicine (adhesive plaster), common use medicine, cell-phone battery charger, wet tissue, sanitary products, plastic bag, towel, work gloves, lap for food

As for the evacuation materials which does not come in such families

We prepare in family having infants
Milk, nursing bottle, baby food, spoon,
Diaper, baby wipes, change of clothes,
Baby blanket, piggyback string, toy of infants

We prepare in family having person requiring nursing care
Spares such as change of clothes, diaper, disability certificate, aid

We prepare in family having pregnant woman
Expose, cotton, gauze, maternity record book, newborn baby article

Thing ... that it was good that there was at the time of ... damage to learn from past major earthquake experienced person

As water outage happened by past major earthquake, embarrassing people were a lot with life water (washing, bathing, washing face) and restroom, water for eating and drinking. Therefore, let alone storage of water, it is said that polyethylene tank to carry water to and wet tissue having cart, body were useful in particular.
In addition, people were a lot by meal and interfamily contact that's a problem, and it was useful for interruption of blackout and gas flashlight and carrying radio, battery charger, dry cell for cell-phone, desk cooker, too.
Furthermore, about woman, it is said that storage such as sanitary products was helpful.
In consideration of sex or age of oneself and family, let's perform necessary storage.

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