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Final update date February 14, 2019

Do you have stockpiles or emergency listings?

Immediately after a disaster occurs, it becomes difficult to purchase food and daily necessities. Consider the family structure and stock up on the necessary stock.
Also, prepare an emergency exhibit where you can take it out immediately. The amount to be stockpiled is at least three days' worth.

~Storage goods~

Drinking water: The standard is 9l for 3 days per person. (Example) 3 people x 9l = 27l

Food: Crackers can be eaten without cooking, canned foods (canned foods are unnecessary), etc.
※If you are allergic to food, stock up on what is appropriate for you.

Toilet Pack: Set of "coagulant" and "treatment bag" to be installed and used in household toilets. It can be purchased at home centers.

~Emergency listings~

Lantern: Let's prepare spare batteries as well.

Mobile radio: Prepare what you can listen to both AM and FM, and prepare more spare batteries.

Variables: Cash, bank account, private seal

Other: Paper plates, paper cups, emergency medicine (bansoko), regular medicines, mobile phone chargers, wet tissues, sanitary products, plastic bags, towels, gloves, food wraps

In such a home, such an emergency listing

What to prepare at home with infants
Milk, baby bottle, baby food, spoon,
Diapers, wipes, changing clothes,
Baby blanket, piggyback string, infant toy

What to prepare at home with care recipients
Preparing for changing clothes, diapers, disability certificates, assistive devices, etc.

What to prepare in a home with a pregnant woman
Scattering cotton, gauze, maternal and child handbook, newborn supplies

Learned from people who have experienced a major earthquake in the past-What was good at the time of the disaster-

In the past large earthquakes, water was cut off, and many people were in trouble with domestic water (washing, bathing, washbasin), toilets, and food and drink water. Therefore, it is said that not only storage of water, but also plastic tanks and trolleys that carry water, and wet tissues that carry the body were particularly useful.
In addition, many people were troubled by meals and family contact due to power outages and gas interruptions, and flashlights, portable radios, mobile phone chargers, dry batteries, and tabletop stoves were also useful.
In addition, it is said that stockpiling of sanitary products was also useful for women.
Consider the gender and age of yourself and your family, and make the necessary stockpiling.

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