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Preparing for typhoons and heavy rain

Final update date October 10, 2019

Check 1. Daily preparation-Let's be prepared in case something happens~

Let's check your home and shelter on the hazard map!

  • Make sure there are no cliffs near your home.Landslide Hazard Map))
  • Make sure there is no risk of flooding near your home.(Flood Hazard Map)
  • Write the evacuation route from your home to the evacuation center on the map.

Be careful when considering evacuation routes.

  • Check multiple evacuation routes so that you can evacuate to two or more evacuation centers.
  • Avoid roads that may be closed due to flooding due to heavy rain or landslides.


Let's check the items to be taken out during evacuation!

  • Prepare items to be taken out during evacuation on a daily basis so that you can take them out immediately.
  • Keep the items to be taken out to a minimum. (Radio, drinking water, flashlight, medicine, baby goods, etc.)

Items to be sold

Let's cooperate and protect our town together!

  • In case of emergency, cherish your relationship with your neighbors on a daily basis so that you can help each other.
  • Create a system that can cooperate in the community to protect the safety of people who are unable to respond flexibly, such as evacuation behavior, in the event of a disaster due to disability or elderly age.
  • Let's talk about cooperation system at the time of disaster for neighboring social welfare facilities in area on a daily basis.
  • disaster drill, evacuation drill and lectures will be held to acquire knowledge about disaster prevention.
  • When an evacuation warning, etc., call out to the neighborhood and take the initiative to evacuate.

help each other

Let's register in disaster prevention information email!

We provide disaster prevention information to e-mails on registered PCs and mobile phones.
You can register from the following.
Registration of Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Information E-mail

Check 2. When heavy rain comes down~ Let's be careful about this point~

Let's try to collect information frequently on our own!

Please check the information frequently on the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency and the website of Yokohama City.

Be especially careful when earth and sand disaster warning information comes out.
Click here for landslide warning information (Meteorological Agency website) (outside site)

Information gathering

Watch out for cliffs!

A precursor to a landslide

  • Pebbles fall from the cliff.
  • New springs are generated on the slopes.
  • The spring water is turbid.
  • There is a crack in the slope.


If you have any of the above precursors, take early evacuation actions.

In addition, there may be no time between the occurrence of a precursory phenomenon and the occurrence of a landslide, or there may be no precursor phenomenon and a landslide may occur.
If you feel danger, take early evacuation action.

Don't overdo it and try to evacuate safely!

When evacuating, wear comfortable clothes and try to act with two or more people.
If the surroundings are dark and flooding has already begun, do not force yourself to go outside and stay at a high place where you can secure safety, such as the second floor of your home.

Evacuate with two or more people

2nd floor or higher

Let's evacuate on a safe route!

  • When evacuating, avoid roads along rivers and cliffs and underground roads.
  • Be careful not to approach the gutters or manholes on the road due to heavy rain.

Check 3. When evacuation information comes out-evacuation action to save life-

The names of evacuation information have been partially changed.

Based on lessons learned from Typhoon No. 10 in Iwate Prefecture in Iwaizumi-cho, Iwate Prefecture, a study group on guidelines for preparing manuals for judgment and transmission of evacuation warning, etc., examined measures to improve information provision on evacuation. We will inform you that "evacuation preparation information" and "evacuation warning Prefecture's name has been changed as follows.

Details of changes

Cabinet Office Disaster Prevention Information Homepage (External Site)



Former old man

"Evacuation preparations, evacuation of elderly people, etc."

"Evacuation Preparation Information"

"evacuation warning (Urgent)

"evacuation warning,"

※The name of "evacuation warning's name is not changed.

Evacuation Information

Estimation of evacuation information and your actions
Evacuation InformationEstimated announcementyour actions
Evacuation preparations, evacuation of elderly people
[River flooding]
・When the water level reaches the "evacuation judgment water level" and the water level is expected to continue to rise due to rainfall in the upstream area.
・When water leaks are found
・When it is expected that a evacuation warning at night and at dawn.
・When a typhoon with heavy rainfall is expected to approach or pass from night to dawn.
・When it is expected that a evacuation warning at night and at dawn.
If you need time to evacuate, such as the elderly, children, people with disabilities, or sick people, please start evacuation voluntarily as soon as possible.
Those who support evacuation should also start support actions.
evacuation warning[River flooding]
・When the water level reaches the "flood danger water level" and the water level is expected to continue to rise due to rainfall in the upstream area.
・When there is a risk of flooding due to a sudden rise in water level while exceeding the "flooding warning water level"
・When abnormal water leakage is found
・When a typhoon approaches and passes at dawn from night, exceeding the "flooding warning water level", and a large amount of rainfall is expected, such as the announcement of heavy rain warnings.
・When earth and sand disaster warning information is announced
・When a record short-term heavy rain information is announced in a situation where a heavy rain warning (earth and sand disaster) has been announced.
・When a precursor phenomenon of a landslide disaster is discovered
Please start evacuation activities at evacuation centers.
If it is difficult to evacuate to an evacuation center, evacuate urgently to the second floor or higher of the building (room opposite the slope).
evacuation warning (Emergency)※[River flooding]
・If there is a risk of flooding or flooding
・When the risk of collapse increases due to the progress of abnormal water leakage or cracks or slides
・Occurrence of rupture, flooding and flooding
・When "Inundation Occurrence Information" is announced
・When function problems of facilities such as gutters and sluice gates are discovered.
・When landslide disaster warning information has been announced and record short-term heavy rain information has been announced
・When a landslide occurs
・When a runoff of a mountain or driftwood is confirmed,
Please evacuate to an evacuation center immediately.
If it is difficult to evacuate to an evacuation center, evacuate urgently to the second floor or higher of the building (room opposite the slope).
Instructions for ensuring safety such as indoor evacuationIf flooding has already begun due to heavy rain, or if moving outdoors like a tornado may endanger your life.Evacuate immediately to a high place where you can secure safety on the second floor or higher of the building.
Depending on the situation, such as when flooding has already begun due to heavy rain and your feet are not visible, evacuating to an outdoor designated evacuation facility may endanger you.
Evacuate indoors such as your home or the second floor or higher of a nearby building depending on the situation to ensure safety.

Information gathering

In Yokohama-shi, when we tell citizens such as evacuation warning, etc. by the following means.

  • Information provided by "Emergency Bulletin Mail"
    Information will be delivered to mobile phones in the target area that support emergency bulletin emails. Please check below to see if your mobile phone is compatible.
    About emergency bulletin mail
  • Information provided by data broadcasting on TV Kanagawa
  • Information provided by "Homepage" and "Twitter"
    We distribute evacuation warning City will be distributed through the website of the Yokohama City Crisis Management Office and Twitter.
    Dissemination of disaster-related information by Twitter
  • Information provided by television and radio
  • Information provided by public relations vehicles
    We carry out call by public information car or fire engine.

voluntary evacuation

Regarding earth and sand disasters, there are many cases where there is not enough time from precursors to collapse, so if a different precursory phenomenon is confirmed, start voluntary evacuation, etc. if a different precursory phenomenon is confirmedevacuation warning.

Based on typhoon No. 18 in October 2014, Yokohama City extracted in advance cliffs that could cause significant damage to houses if a landslide occurred, and sent `` Earth and Sand Disaster Warning Information ”and“ evacuation warning with the announcement of "warning information".
It doesn't mean that areas without an evacuation warning. In the event of a heavy rain or typhoon, pay attention to disaster prevention information and take evacuation actions as soon as possible at your own discretion.

Areas subject to evacuation warning criteria for selection criteria

◇List of target areas (list of text formats and maps)
◇Target area (ArcGIS Online) (outside site)
The target area map may be difficult to view when a large number of accesses are concentrated.
When you cannot read, please refer to each ward office General Affairs Division for the details of area when we cannot read.

Contact information
Contact informationPhone numberContact informationPhone number
Tsurumi Ward-General Affairs Division510-1656Kanazawa Ward-General Affairs Division788-7706
Nishi Ward-General Affairs Division320-8310Kohoku Ward-General Affairs Division540-2206
Naka Ward-General Affairs Division224-81112Midori Ward-General Affairs Division930-2208
Minami Ward-General Affairs Division341-1222Tsuzuki Ward  -General Affairs Division948-2211
Konan Ward-General Affairs Division847-8315Totsuka Ward-General Affairs Division866-83077
Hodogaya Ward-General Affairs Division334-6203Sakae Ward-General Affairs Division894-831
Isogo Ward-General Affairs Division750-2311Aoba Ward-General Affairs Division978-2213

Selection criteria for target areas
◆In this survey, a field survey of cliffs existing in the sediment-related disaster warning area in all wards of the city was completed.
About review of immediate evacuation warning immediately review the area at any time, depending on the status of countermeasures on cliffs.
[End year of investigation of each ward]
Surveyed in FY2014: Nishi Ward, Minami Ward and Isogo Ward
Surveyed in 2015: Hodogaya Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Naka Ward, Konan Ward, Midori Ward, Tsuzuki Ward  
Surveyed in FY2016: Kohoku Ward, Sakae Ward, Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Asahi Ward, Totsuka Ward
Surveyed in FY2017: Aoba Ward, Izumi Ward and Seya Ward

Requests from City Halls and Ward Offices

  • In the event of weather that requires attention, such as heavy rain, storms, and heavy snow, do not go out of hurry because it is dangerous.
  • About events hosted by city hall or ward office, it is canceled in principle at the time of heavy rain, storm, heavy snow.
  • In the event of heavy rain, storms, or heavy snow, disaster response operations will be performed, and regular operations will be performed with limited personnel. Therefore, at the ward office window, the waiting time may be longer, and there may be office work that cannot be processed on the same day, which may cause inconvenience to citizens. Please be aware in advance.
ContentsDepartment NamePhone numbere-mail address

Details of evacuation warning area details

General Affairs Division of each ward officePlease refer to the above.-

evacuation warning, evacuation warning, etc.

General Affairs Bureau Emergency Response Division045-671-4556
(9: 00-17: 00 on weekdays)

[email protected]

Matters concerning field surveys of cliffs

Housing and Architecture Bureau Building Disaster Prevention Section045-671-2948

[email protected]

Link: About disaster prevention of cliffs (City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau Prefecture

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