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About official announcement such as evacuation warning using "caution level"

How to convey evacuation information of flood, the earth and sand disaster changes

Last update date June 15, 2020

We were full of that meaning of disaster prevention information that administration gave was not understood by inhabitants enough as one cause by heavy rain in West Japan in July, 2018, and serious damage occurred.
We provide evacuation information using five phases of "caution levels" that "guidelines about evacuation warning" are revised based on this lesson by Cabinet Office, and citizen's all of you understand meaning of information at the time of disaster intuitively, and to be able to take evacuation action easily and will clarify action that you should take.

Contents of "caution level"

About contents of "caution level", it is street of the next table.

"Action that should take" every caution level and "evacuation information" (explanatory note 1)
Caution level Evacuation actions that you should take

Evacuation information

Disaster prevention weather information
(caution level equivalency information) (explanatory note 2)

Caution level 5

It is the situation that disaster has already produced.
Let's take the best action to follow command.

[Yokohama-shi announces]
Disaster occurrence information (explanatory note 3)

<caution level 5 equivalency information>
Information on flooding
Heavy rain special warning

Caution level 4
(all the members evacuate from dangerous place)

Let's evacuate to place of refuge immediately.
When it seems that movement to evacuation sites is dangerous, let's evacuate to safer place in safe place and home nearby.

[Yokohama-shi announces]
Evacuation warning
Evacuation warning (urgently) (explanatory note 4)

<caution level 4 equivalency information>
Information on potential flood hazards
Landslide alert information

Caution level 3
(elderly people evacuate from dangerous place)

People (advanced age, impaired person, infants) and the supporter needing time for evacuation will evacuate.
Other people will prepare for evacuation.

[Yokohama-shi announces]
Evacuation start such as evacuation preparations, elderly person

<caution level 3 equivalency information>
Information to provide a warning on flooding

Flood warning
Caution level 2

For evacuation by hazard map,
Let's confirm own evacuation action.

[the Meteorological Agency announces]
Flood advisory
Heavy rain advisories

Caution level 1 Let's raise mental attitude to disaster.

[the Meteorological Agency announces]
Early attention information


As for various information, it may not be announced in order of caution level 1-5 explanatory note 1. The situation may take a sudden turn.
Because caution level equivalency information ... country and the metropolis and districts refer to explanatory note 2 because inhabitants take evacuation action about flood warnings and advisories for designated rivers, heavy rain warning, landslide alert information to announce voluntarily, we are provided as "caution level equivalency information".
When explanatory note 3 grasps that disaster occurrence information ... disaster actually occurs, we announce as far as it is possible.
Explanatory note 4 announces in urgent cases or to repeat, and to promote evacuation depending on the situation of evacuation warning (urgently) ... area.

Dispatch of evacuation information from Yokohama-shi

By delivery means such as urgent breaking news email applying, disaster prevention information E-mail, Twitter, we specify "caution level" and "action that you should take" conventionally and, from Yokohama-shi, deliver evacuation information.

Delivery example (in the case of disaster prevention information E-mail)

Title [caution level 4] About official announcement of evacuation warning

This is Yokohama-shi.
We announced [caution level 4] evacuation warning with announcement of landslide alert information for ○ at ○ time on Reiwa ○ age ○ moon ○ day.
Target areas are as follows.

<area targeted for evacuation warning>
○○A part of ward ○○ 1
○○A part of ward ○○ 2

<action that you should take>
House ino, please start evacuation action to evacuation sites in target area.
When evacuation to evacuation sites is difficult, please take action such as evacuating to (cliff place and contralateral room) of building on the second floor or above temporarily.

You have the inundation of low land, flooding and the flooding of river, the earth and sand disaster be cautious enough of house ino outside target area, and please confirm the latest weather information on TV and radio, the Internet.

About each delivery tool

Reference pages about operation of "caution level"

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