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For heavy snow

Last update date February 14, 2019

1.For heavy snow

(1) Safe how to spend in being at home
Oh: When heavy snow is expected, let's avoid going out that the non-pivot is non-rapid.
i: We will prepare for flashlight, portable radio, food, drinking water as the prior preparation in home.
u: For prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning, let's warn so that the neighborhood of mind Exit to supply and discharge of FF-style heating machine is not blocked up with snow.
Oh: Let's call people needing consideration such as elderly people in neighborhood positively.

(2) Driving of vehicle
When heavy snow is expected, let's avoid driving of vehicle as much as possible.
In addition, when we drive vehicle out of necessity,
Oh: Let's confirm prior weather information, road information.
i: Let's carry out check maintenance of vehicle surely.
u: Let's prepare for winter clothing, boots, gloves, Cairo, scoop, traction rope, drinking water, emergency provisions .
Oh: Let's put on in early stage of driving, studless tire and tire chain without unreasonableness depending on traffic condition.
o: Let's leave key for place easy to find in the car without being stranded, and locking door when we leave car out of necessity.

(3) Inflection such as disaster prevention weather information
We utilize weather information and will take action early to be able to take action that each all of you is safe when heavy snow is expected.

2.Point to keep in mind of the snow-removal work

(1) Accident prevention during the snow-removal work
Let's plan safety measures during calling to family, neighborhood at the time of work, conduct of warm-up, the snow-removal work including work with several.

(2) Accident prevention of elderly person
Because dead people of elderly people 65 years or older are more than 70%, among victims caused by snow of the last winter period, we prevent accident by cooperation with neighborhood residents, and let's help each other nationwide to clear of snow without elderly person overdoing it.

(3) We work on the snow removing by community support of local community
Neighborhood Association plays a key role and is effective when it plans snow processing by security smoothly local residents decide the date and time, and to clear community roads of snow all at once.
Depending on the local fact, encourage approach by community support of such area community, and at the time of the snow-removal work between neighborhoods see; defense let's call.


PDF"Of building at the time of heavy snow about damage prevention (Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture security section)

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