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About Flood Control Law, making of securing of evacuation plan based on the prevention of earth and sand disaster method

Last update date December 1, 2020

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Does facility of Q1 me need making of securing of evacuation plan?
➔We do confirmation located in the inundation assumption area, landslide warning area.

In Yokohama-shi, we decide to set the name and the location of city disaster preparedness plan about use of consideration person facility whom "the inundation assumption area" is located in Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan "storm and flood damage measures" in "landslide warning area" required. By Flood Control Law, regulations of the prevention of earth and sand disaster method, it is located in in the inundation assumption area or landslide warning area, and it is in (duty) that report of making of securing of 1 evacuation plan, conduct of training based on 2 plans and plan that 3 made needs in city disaster preparedness plan about name and facility which stipulated the location.

※We list in "the fourth disaster caution area". Using search feature of PDF, please search your facility. It is assumed that we correspond to plural disaster classification including the earth and sand, flood, high tides.

In addition, "range of use of person of consideration facility required" can confirm "the inundation assumption area" and "landslide warning area" from the following.

How should we make securing of Q2 evacuation plan?
➔After checking making manual, plan model, I would like making.

"Securing of evacuation plan" is plan that set matter necessary to plan security of smooth and quick evacuation of user when flood and the earth and sand disaster might occur. About matter to fix for plan, please confirm "evacuation security program planning manual of use of person of Yokohama-shi consideration facility required".

About securing of evacuation plan, you have you refer to the manual mentioned above, and please make using "evacuation security plan model". In addition, template file is an example of securing of evacuation plan. As you provide with Word file, you change contents, and please use.

  • Evacuation security plan model (word: 168KB) ※As you assume extension "docx" for security, please save extension in "doc" when you do not open out. Still sorry for your inconvenience, but we would appreciate your contacting to local Disaster Prevention Section e-mail address of page bottom when we cannot see.

In addition, submission to city is unnecessary to include personal information about style 8 of securing of evacuation plan that had you make, 9, 10.

We want to carry out training based on securing of Q3 evacuation plan, but please tell concrete procedure.
➔We have you carry out along guide of training conduct, and I would like conduct report of training.

We made guide that settled concrete methods about training conduct so that training with effect enforced more. When training is carried out, please refer to.

In addition, I would like conduct completion report of training with the following report form when training is carried out. ※This report is not thing to ask for every year. After the training conduct, it is good if you can report even once.
Form URL: (the outside site)

We made securing of Q4 evacuation plan. Where should we submit to?
➔We have you confirm the following, and I would like submission to applicable section.

In addition, please attach check list (the first piece of Q2 model) to securing of evacuation plan that had you make on submission by all means.

  • Municipal nursery schools → Each ward Children and Families Support Division
  • Care plaza, caring base → Each ward Health and Welfare Division
  • Welfare center for the old (designated management facility) → Each ward Regional Promotion Division
  • Municipal elementary and junior high school → School education office according to the Board of Education Secretariat area
  • Municipal high school → Board of Education Secretariat high school Education Section
  • Municipal special support school → Board of Education Secretariat special support education section
  • About facility except the above, ward office General Affairs Division of ward where facility is located becomes submission.

About the location, contact information such as each ward office, please see p.46 of "evacuation security program planning manual of use of person of Yokohama-shi consideration facility required".

We performed briefing session of evacuation security program planning in October, 2019

About material which you used by "briefing session about Flood Control Law, program planning based on the prevention of earth and sand disaster method" that you carried out on October 25 on October 24, 2019, you can see than the following.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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