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About evacuation sites opened at the time of storm and flood damage

We understand evacuation sites at the time of storm and flood damage and may connect to appropriate evacuation action.

Last update date August 21, 2020

With evacuation

Evacuation is that "hi" rejects "difficulty" and is to ensure the security. It is not evacuation action only to go in evacuation sites.

When you can ensure the security at the time of disaster at home, please try for at-home evacuation including perpendicular evacuation. In addition, as well as evacuation sites which the government opens,

We assume safe relative and friend's house evacuation sites, and let's examine evacuation action and evacuation sites beforehand.

<evacuation action>

Examination> of <evacuation action

※It is indication of evacuation action examination. It may exceed case to be flooded out of the inundation assumption area and assumed flood depth.

There is the risk that landslides are generated even if we arrive outside landslide warning area.

Evacuation sites which the government opens

Evacuation sites when landslide alert information (※ 1) was announced

Near the area (※ 2) targeted for evacuation warning immediately of "landslide alert information" when is announced, is established.

About opened evacuation sites, we choose beforehand.

※When it was in a situation that the earth and sand disaster that 1 life endangers can happen anytime, the metropolis and districts and the Meteorological Agency announce together.

※Area that announces evacuation warning with announcement of 2 landslide alert informations all at once

List of areas targeted for evacuation warning immediately

※ We lead to ⽅ in area targeted for evacuation warning about evacuation sites established separately from each ward office immediately.

Evacuation sites such as at the time of flood

Principle, evacuation information by administration ※We open evacuation sites with official announcement of this.

※Evacuation information

▽": level 3 (elderly people evacuate from dangerous place) evacuation start such as evacuation preparations, elderly person" which urges early evacuation on person needing support

▽": level 4 (all the members evacuate from dangerous place) evacuation warning" which degree of risk increases, and requests inhabitants for evacuation

▽": level 4 (all the members evacuate from dangerous place) evacuation warning" which requests to be in danger of having pressed, and to evacuate hastily

There are above three kinds.

<confirmation of evacuation sites>

・Time to announce may vary in each ward. We send evacuation sites by city and ward office homepage to live, disaster prevention information E-mail.
・Evacuation shelter (elementary and junior high school) which is refuge in case of earthquake is not necessarily established.
・District center, hall in Neighborhood Association agency may be established. Person thinking about evacuation will confirm evacuation sites opened by all means on city and ward office homepage to live.

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