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Please utilize disaster prevention Town Pages

Last update date February 14, 2019

Yokohama-shi and NTT Town Pages concluded "agreement to modify cooperation of disseminating information such as disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage" in March, 2015 by raising civic each person's disaster prevention awareness, and promoting the everyday preparation to plan reinforcement of local disaster prevention power.
Based on this agreement, we had you issue "disaster prevention Town Pages" which mutually cooperated with Yokohama-shi, and collected disaster prevention related information as separate volume of Town Pages newly.
As you are placed about information that citizen's all of you can usually prepare for clearly, in "disaster prevention Town Pages", please utilize by all means.

Summary of disaster prevention Town Pages

  • Distribution point: We divide into each Yokohama city ward version and distribute to all homes, offices in the city
  • Booklet appearance: Separate volume B5 version of Town Pages, full color 16 pages
  • Distribution time: We distribute sequentially from October
  • Main publication contents
    ○Method of safety confirmation
    ○We prepare for disaster (storage, earthquake measures of house)
    ○Collection method of information
    ○Evacuation action
    ○Refuge map
    ○Experiences of survivors

⇒Downloading of data, please identify homepage (the outside site) of NTT Town Pages.

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