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About contribution such as masks

As new coronavirus infectious disease measures, we had contribution such as masks from all of many offices, groups. Contribution product that we had conjugates in medical institution or the welfare facilities in the city. Alternatively, I receive contribution from a large number of people. Thank you very much.

Last update date August 27, 2020

List of contribution (as of August 21, 2020) ※When non-public announcement is hoped for, it is excluded
The receipt day Donor (honorific title abbreviation) Contents of contribution
R2.8.18 Full of dragons (PDF: 156KB)

Alcohol antiseptic solution

2,100 pieces
134 L

R2.7.28 SOLIZE Products (PDF: 156KB) Face shield 100 pieces
R2.7.21 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (PDF: 156KB) Face shield 400 pieces
R2.7.20 Red spice (PDF: 156KB)

Face shield

22,800 pieces
15,000 pieces

R2.7.7 Mitsubishi chemical (PDF: 160KB)

Face shield
Hazmat suit

1,200 pieces
The 200th place

R2.7.3 Y&I Group (PDF: 160KB) Mask 150,000 pieces
R2.7.1 77KC (PDF: 160KB) Antiseptic solution 40 L
R2.6.26 Japanese koruma (PDF: 160KB) Antiseptic solution 90 L


Yokohama Segal trust (PDF: 160KB) Mask 40,000 pieces
R2.6.22 Warmth care (PDF: 160KB) Mask 3,000 pieces
R2.6.12 Vast peak (PDF: 211KB) Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.6.9 Coca korabotorazujapan (PDF: 211KB) Mask 4,000 pieces
R2.6.5 SAGAMI group Holdings (PDF: 211KB) N95 mask 30,000 pieces
R2.6.5 NIKON Corporation Yokohama laboratory (PDF: 211KB)

Latex gloves
Hazmat suit

5,300 pieces
The 100th place

R2.6.5 Combination of the three subjects plant service (PDF: 211KB)

Hazmat suit

5,000 pieces
The 100th place

R2.6.5 MACNICA, Inc. (PDF: 211KB) N95 mask 800 pieces
R2.6.5 Great talent (PDF: 211KB) Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.6.5 Eye S eye (PDF: 211KB) Mask 15,120 pieces
R2.6.4 AGC central laboratory (PDF: 216KB)

Isolation gown

2,000 pieces
The 24th place


Shonan wiper supply (PDF: 216KB)

Face shield

15,000 pieces
2,100 pieces  

R2.6.2 The Yokohama conference hall Yokohama opening of a port festival room (PDF: 117KB) Mask 39,000 pieces
R2.6.2 Association of Japan house maintenance (PDF: 216KB) Face shield 500
R2.6.2 Yone noy design (PDF: 216KB) Face shield 30
R2.6.2 Z F Japan (PDF: 216KB) Mask 4,500 pieces
R2.6.2 DAIICHI Co., Ltd. (PDF: 216KB) Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.6.2 Anonymity N95 mask 40 pieces
R2.6.2 Anonymity Mask 650 pieces
R2.6.1 KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Face shield 100

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. life science business headquarters regenerative medicine Division Yokohama site (PDF: 216KB)

Hazmat suit
Boots cover
Foods cover

The 700th place
700 pairs
700 pieces

R2.6.1 Vanilla corporation (PDF: 216KB) Face shield



V Technology Co., Ltd. (PDF: 216KB) Hazmat suit The 620th place
R2.5.29 Anonymity Mask 26,500 pieces
R2.5.29 NIX Inc. (PDF: 216KB) Face shield

50 pieces


NHK SPRING (NHK Spring Co., Ltd.) (PDF: 192KB) Hazmat suit

The twelfth place
The 42nd place


Envision group (PDF: 567KB) Mask

50,000 pieces
10,000 pieces

R2.5.28 mirotto (PDF: 216KB) Mask 2,000 pieces


Seesaw (PDF: 211KB) Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.27 Kanagawa TOYOTA MOTOR Corporation (PDF: 216KB) N95 mask 1,800 pieces
R2.5.27 Kahn ray Ko Mask 6,000 pieces
R2.5.26 The sum feeling (kabushikigaishaishin) (PDF: 216KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.26 SGS Japan (PDF: 216KB) Hazmat suit The 320th place
R2.5.26 seisusumiden*kabushikikaisha (PDF: 216KB) Mask 20,000 pieces
R2.5.26 Anonymity FFP2 mask 200 pieces
R2.5.25 Health and health (PDF: 216KB)

Nitrile gloves
Antiseptic solution

23,000 pieces
30 L

R2.5.22 Tokiwa firm Mask 500 pieces
R2.5.22 Yokohama B koruseazu Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.22 Yokohama green Rotary Club Mask 900 pieces
R2.5.22 Yokohama Hikari Lions Club Mask 4,000 pieces
R2.5.22 Kono construction (PDF: 216KB)

Face shield

2,000 pieces
50 pieces

R2.5.21 HOKUSHIN medical Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.21 Anonymity Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.21 Anonymity Mask 100 pieces
R2.5.21 Anonymity Mask 100 pieces
R2.5.21 Anonymity Mask 300 pieces
R2.5.21 Yahiro Corporation Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.21 E blight (PDF: 248KB) Mask 11,000 pieces
R2.5.21 Three companies (PDF: 248KB) Mask 5,000 pieces
R2.5.21 Derris Building Res. Inst. (PDF: 248KB)

Antiseptic solution

4,000 pieces
516 L

R2.5.21 HOKUSHIN medical
(we have acupuncture needle moxibustion massage the House of bonesetting) (PDF: 248KB)
Mask 1,500 pieces
R2.5.21 Takis (PDF: 248KB) Face shield 50
R2.5.20 Anonymity Mask Two pieces
R2.5.20 Shoko Hasebe Mask 91 pieces
R2.5.20 Yokohama new city center

Protection glasses

500 pieces

R2.5.20 Yokohama Oils & Fats Industry Mask 200 pieces
R2.5.20 Anonymity Mask 2,500 pieces
R2.5.20 Yokohama NISSAN CREATIVE SERVICES Mask 500 pieces
R2.5.20 Limited liability partnership Yokohama-shi recycle paper dealer society Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.20 Anonymity Mask 31 pieces

FFP2 mask
KN95 mask
Hazmat suit
Face shield

6,000 pieces
2,520 pieces
The 32500th place

R2.5.20 Lam Research (PDF: 248KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.19 Shanghai

KN95 mask
Latex gloves

10,000 pieces

R2.5.19 kabushikikaishasankosangyo Mask 5,000 pieces
R2.5.19 Keiko Kawai Mask 100 pieces
R2.5.19 Koichi Shinoya N95 mask 20 pieces
R2.5.19 Central urban development
(* of Tsunashima source steam)
Mask 500 pieces
R2.5.19 Anonymity Hazmat suit The 18th place
R2.5.19 Anonymity N95 mask 100 pieces
R2.5.19 Anonymity N95 mask 4,000 pieces
R2.5.19 Anonymity N95 mask 39 pieces
R2.5.19 Old man Kawasho society (PDF: 248KB) Mask 15,000 pieces
R2.5.19 Tokunaga Building (PDF: 248KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.19 Asahi Shokosha (PDF: 248KB) N95 mask 240 pieces
R2.5.18 Pot meal public house chicken taste hermitage Kannai store Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.18 AHS Holdings (PDF: 211KB) Mask 50,000 pieces
R2.5.18 Anonymity Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.18 Urban trust Mask 6,000 pieces
R2.5.18 Kimie Koyama Mask 150 pieces
R2.5.18 Stec
Hiraoka Electric construction
Mask 4,000 pieces
R2.5.18 Keiko Kunugi Mask 71 pieces
R2.5.18 Dessert land (PDF: 248KB) Mask 2,500 pieces
R2.5.18 YOSUN Japan (PDF: 248KB) Mask 12,000 pieces
R2.5.18 髙isangyokabushikikaisha (PDF: 248KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.18 Three W (PDF: 248KB)

Antiseptic solution

10,000 pieces
50 L

R2.5.18 oetikajapan (PDF: 248KB) N95 mask 50 pieces
R2.5.15 Anonymity Mask 18 pieces
R2.5.15 Thailand interest Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.5.15 tashiro medicine Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.15 Way strike planner (PDF: 248KB) Mask 4,000 pieces
R2.5.15 Afinar (hair salon) (PDF: 248KB) Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.5.15 Hiroki Matsui
(Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagle) (PDF: 248KB)
Mask 10,000 pieces


Steady supply system construction project (Covid19 PPE project) of protector for individual for Covid19 medical care correspondence (PDF: 192KB)

KN95 mask
Face shield
N95 mask
KN95 mask
Face shield

400 pieces
720 pieces
700 pieces

R2.5.14 S Kay net (PDF: 248KB) Face shield 200
R2.5.14 Co-Studio (PDF: 248KB) Mask 3,000 pieces
R2.5.14 Omori Corporation (PDF: 248KB) Mask 20,000 pieces
R2.5.14 Veritas Japan (PDF: 248KB) Liquid crystalline thermometer 650
R2.5.14 Anonymity Mask 200 pieces
R2.5.14 Koji Mizumori Mask 200 pieces
R2.5.14 Anonymity Mask 50 pieces
R2.5.13 Day service (elderly day care) rhythm Mask 110 pieces
R2.5.13 Social welfare corporation young bamboo University Kotobuki meeting Mask 100 pieces
R2.5.13 Anonymity Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.13 Junko Arii Hazmat suit The seventh place
R2.5.13 Makoto Kamiyanagi

Isolation gown

10,000 pieces
The 150th place

R2.5.13 Dewi Sukarno Mask 150 pieces
R2.5.13 Anonymity Mask 300 pieces
R2.5.13 Metal studio (PDF: 248KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.12 Anonymity Mask 40 pieces
R2.5.12 Anonymity N95 mask 20 pieces
R2.5.12 Yoshikazu Kobayashi N95 mask 14 pieces
R2.5.12 Anonymity Clean guard M10 560 pieces
R2.5.12 Association of Yokohama Japan and Korea friendship (PDF: 248KB) Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.5.12 All safe companies (PDF: 248KB) Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.5.12 International rotary 2590th district (PDF: 326KB) Pulse oximeter 56
R2.5.11 *kinkiyo Mask 300 pieces
R2.5.11 Anonymity Mask 16 pieces
R2.5.11 Kyoko Yamada Mask 78 pieces
R2.5.11 Ko Endo Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.11 Anonymity Mask 150 pieces
R2.5.11 Anonymity N95 mask 145 pieces
R2.5.11 Institute of academic circles Japanese Mask 600 pieces
R2.5.11 Flextime home (PDF: 248KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.10 All Keio University Graduate School management graduate course (EMBA/E3) volunteers (PDF: 248KB) Mask 3,000 pieces
R2.5.9 Anonymity Hazmat suit

30 pieces

R2.5.8 Association of Yokohama construction industry Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.8 GoldHand Mask 500 pieces
R2.5.8 Company, group volunteer (Tsuzuki Ward  ) in ward Mask 300 pieces
R2.5.8 Green leaves road service Mask 2,500 pieces
R2.5.8 Shinko Japan Mask 1,500 pieces
R2.5.8 Anonymity N95 mask 60 pieces
R2.5.8 Anonymity N95 mask Ten pieces
R2.5.8 XC trading Japan combination company (PDF: 192KB) N95 mask
Nitrile glove

380 pieces

R2.5.8 buidatezaikabushikikaisha (PDF: 192KB) Mask 19,000 pieces
R2.5.8 Cherry tree real estate management (PDF: 192KB) Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.5.7 PC DEPOT CORPORATION (PDF: 192KB) Hazmat suit
N95 mask
Nitrile glove

The 30th place
3,800 pieces

R2.5.7 M sea P (PDF: 192KB) Mask 2,500 pieces
R2.5.7 Fortune Yang (PDF: 192KB)

Face shield

10,000 pieces

R2.5.7 Anonymity Mask 500 pieces
R2.5.7 Anonymity N95 mask 100 pieces
R2.5.7 Anonymity N95 mask 40 pieces
R2.5.7 Anonymity Mask 150 pieces
R2.5.7 Anonymity Mask 150 pieces
R2.5.3 Anonymity N95 mask 45 pieces
R2.5.2 Is good; a Japan (PDF: 500KB) Mask and others

About 3,700 points in total

R2.5.1 Rocky formation Face shield 50 pieces
R2.5.1 NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd. Yokohama factory N95 mask 200 pieces
R2.5.1 Shofukumon Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.5.1 Anonymity Mask

100 pieces

R2.5.1 Kawamoto Kogyo Mask 100 pieces
R2.5.1 Yokohama Oils & Fats Industry Mask 300 pieces
R2.5.1 Anonymity Mask 200 pieces
R2.5.1 Anonymity N95 mask The 59th place
R2.5.1 Anonymity Hazmat suit The 75th place
R2.5.1 Nine pretty (PDF: 192KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.5.1 NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd., Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO) (PDF: 182KB) Face shield 500
R2.4.30 Anonymity

Antiseptic solution

1,750 pieces
8.9 L

R2.4.30 kabushikikaishakokosei Mask 9,000 pieces
R2.4.30 Anonymity Mask 1,500 pieces
R2.4.30 kiho Mask 20,000 pieces
R2.4.30 Junko Arii Hazmat suit The tenth place
R2.4.30 Anonymity Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.4.30 Peak Sakae industry (PDF: 192KB) Hazmat suit The 250th place
R2.4.30 Association of firm general meeting in Japan in Taiwan, world association of ethnic Chinese industry and commerce women plan pipe Japan chapter and meeting (PDF: 205KB) of sekihigashi*seitokutomo Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.4.28 Anonymity Hazmat suit The tenth place
R2.4.28 Anonymity Mask 24 pieces
R2.4.28 Keiko Uo N95 mask Six pieces
R2.4.28 tashiro medicine Mask 500 pieces
R2.4.28 Hisae Sato Mask 100 pieces
R2.4.28 Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd. (PDF: 192KB) Mask 5,000 pieces
R2.4.27 yokohamaume* Lions Club (PDF: 192KB) Mask 12,000 pieces
R2.4.27 Taiwan (PDF: 205KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.4.27 MedVigilance Mask 500 pieces
R2.4.27 Yokohama-shi painting business cooperative association Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.4.27 Anonymity Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.4.27 Shigeru Kanno Face shield 32
R2.4.27 Chen bare ball state Mask 98 pieces
R2.4.27 fourlist Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.4.25 Anonymity Mask 30 pieces
R2.4.25 Anonymity Mask 500 pieces
R2.4.25 Naoki Kani Mask 400 pieces


Kimono dressmaking and remake classroom "sum Aya hermitage" Mask

100 pieces

R2.4.24 Member of Shanghai traffic society Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.4.24 Yokohama Kiwanis (PDF: 192KB) Mask 5,000 pieces
R2.4.24 Company beautiful angel (PDF: 152KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.4.23 Custom medical group

Isolation gown
Shoes cover

450 points in total
R2.4.23 Kenji Niimi Mask 200 pieces
R2.4.22 Ueno group (PDF: 152KB) Hazmat suit The 100th place
R2.4.22 kabushikikaisha*rabeishu* (kabushikigaishapuramesyusu) (PDF: 152KB) Mask 20,000 pieces
R2.4.22 Anonymity Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.4.22 Anonymity Mask 780 pieces
R2.4.22 Anonymity Mask 40 pieces
R2.4.22 Shigeru Kanno Face shield Ten pieces
R2.4.22 Anonymity Mask 34 pieces
R2.4.21 Anonymity Mask 40 pieces
R2.4.21 Ikuko Matsumura N95 mask 20 pieces
R2.4.20 Anonymity Mask 2,000 pieces
R2.4.17 Seesaw Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.4.17 Anonymity Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.4.17 Anonymity Mask 600 pieces
R2.4.17 Anonymity

Polyethylene gloves
Hazmat suit

200 pieces
The sixth place
Ten pieces

R2.4.16 Veritas Japan Mask

1,000 pieces

R2.4.16 moise charcoal fire yakiniku (PDF: 504KB) Mask 300 pieces
R2.4.16 Field line N95 mask 1,880 pieces
R2.4.15 Kato Electric Mask 500 pieces
R2.4.15 Anonymity Hazmat suit The 999th place
R2.4.14 kurashido (PDF: 314KB) Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.4.14 Anonymity Mask 100 pieces
R2.4.14 Aoshima City Mask 200 pieces
R2.4.10 Kazuki Nakamura Mask 200 pieces
R2.4.8 Anonymity Mask Ten pieces
R2.4.8 Association of whole country natural disaster house investigation Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.4.7 Anonymity Mask 50 pieces


Shanghai (PDF: 262KB)

Antiseptic solution

450 L
25,000 pieces

R2.4.1 YAMASHIN-FILTER Corporation Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.4.1 Anonymity Mask 1,800 pieces
R2.4.1 Anonymity Mask 2,160 pieces
R2.3.30 group (PDF: 567KB) Mask 20,000 pieces
R2.3.27 Beijing City (PDF: 262KB) Antiseptic solution 500 L
R2.3.26 Anonymity N95 mask 80 pieces
R2.3.23 Shangdong Mask 10,000 pieces
R2.3.23 Dream group Mask 940 pieces
R2.3.19 Anonymity Mask 80 pieces
R2.3.19 Amber state (handle name), marquis non-Ko, high 钓 (PDF: 270KB) Mask 1,000 pieces
R2.3.19 Fur way Japan (PDF: 567KB) Mask 100,000 pieces

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