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Shit disaster prevention game

We enjoyed to small child and, about disasters such as earthquake or storm and flood damage, did education platform "shit school" and collaboration that sentence sound Corporation to issue "shit drill" of 7.7 million copies of series totals ran to be able to learn and developed contents of disaster prevention game. Let's study the preparation to disaster and important knowledge that may save life in the case of emergency with shit teacher!

Last update date August 5, 2020

What kind of game is it?

It is game contents of quiz format to make questions for problem about disaster prevention.
There is, and, as for the questions contents, as for the number of the problems, two kinds of "earthquake" "typhoon" prepare 40 in total in kakuhen 20.
We can have you learn happily again and again to make questions for by kakuhen ten in random.

Shit school?

"Shit school" is education platform where "excited" turns study, things that child is apt to think "worthless" "not to be interesting" into "it is interesting".
We crossed view of the world that "we learned", and no element entered that universal design of "shit" which was identified as that at glance and "shit drill" had and brought about various products and did disaster prevention and collaboration this time.
Including shit teacher, we invite to the wonderful world that appearing character creates.

How do you play?

We can play on homepage (the outside site) of shit school.
Do not understand; even if have problem, let's think with shit teacher!

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