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Let's learn disaster prevention with video!

As for own life, "self support" to follow by oneself cannot miss "community support" helping each other in the neighborhood to prepare for earthquake and storm and flood damage. We publish video to be able to learn disaster prevention at homes. Please inflect to push forward the preparation to disaster.

Last update date November 17, 2020

Disaster prevention Yokohama

For more information:

Evacuation at the time of disaster on the basis of new coronavirus infectious disease

While is assumed in evacuation sites at the time of disaster 3 dense ga, about infectious disease measures in way of thinking or evacuation sites of evacuation at the time of disaster

About establishment, administration of evacuation shelter

"Evacuation shelter" establishment, administration manual

Cooperation with disaster prevention organization of measures, evacuation shelter and town in consideration for new coronavirus infectious disease, difference in needs of man and woman

To storm and flood damage possess: Making of my timeline

About making method of my timeline that is the preparation for storm and flood damage and each person's action plan at the time of heavy rain, typhoon

To earthquake possess: Prevention of furniture fall, vibration sensing breaker

About supporting contents which importance and Motoichi of prevention of furniture fall to reduce damage at the time of earthquake, vibration sensing breaker enforce

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