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About tsunami evacuation measures

Last update date December 8, 2020

In Yokohama-shi, we push forward various approaches based on lesson of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 to ensure the security of citizen's from tsunami disaster that it will occur when in future, or it is not revealed.
It is difficult for tsunami to predict outbreak beforehand. When you confirm time that evacuation sites and evacuation always take and felt big shaking caused by earthquake and long shaking or when you knew information such as tsunami warnings, in spite of being appeal, "you evacuate to place that is earlier, and is higher", and please do evacuation around. And we hope that we do not leave safe place until tsunami warnings are canceled.

Guidelines (March, 2013 revision) about evacuation from tsunami

About designation of tsunami disaster caution area

Currently, there is no area where "tsunami disaster caution area" to fix for "law (2011 law No. 123) about tsunami disaster prevention community development" in the Yokohama city is appointed.

Tsunami refuge facilities

※Because we cannot ensure the security of refugee depending on high damaged situation and predicted tsunami, we may not accept.
  • Tsunami refuge facilities map
Tsurumi Ward (PDF: 1,319KB), Kanagawa Ward, Nishi Ward, Hodogaya Ward (PDF: 1,028KB), Naka Ward, Isogo Ward (PDF: 855KB), Minami Ward (PDF: 550KB), Kanazawa Ward (PDF: 444KB)

The height above the sea level indication

Citizen's all of you and tourists install the height above the sea level indication to recognize the height above the sea level in place and own sphere of life that there is now, and to have you do "evacuation to place that is earlier, and is higher" for tsunami of emergency.

Tsunami evacuation information board

Information at the time of disaster

In Yokohama-shi, we deliver information utilizing cell-phones at the time of disaster. We introduce about information distribution at the time of disaster that Yokohama-shi works on to have "you evacuate to place that is earlier, and is higher" from tsunami and do.

Kanagawa tsunami inundation forecast map (H24.3.30)

Kanagawa tsunami inundation assumption figure (March, 2015)

 Among tsunami which Kanagawa assumed in March, 2012, Yokohama-shi carries out tsunami measures as tsunami model caused by "the Keicho era type earthquake".
 In addition, based on District Public Prosecutor's Office where Cabinet Office "capital earthquake directly above the focus model review meeting" showed to in December, 2013, we made drawing which we put on top of one another about five earthquakes so that "the inundation area" and "flood depth" became greatest, and Kanagawa set as "tsunami inundation assumption" in March, 2015.
 For reference, we publish in addition.

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