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Earthquake map

Final update date September 10, 2020

The earthquake map is a "Yokohama seismic intensity of three earthquakes targeted for damage assumption in "Yokohama-shi earthquake damage assumption investigation report" announced in October, 2012.

Genroku Kanto Earthquake Earthquake Map
Genroku Kanto Earthquake

Tokyo Bay Northern Earthquake Earthquake Map
Northern Tokyo Bay Earthquake

Image of Nankai Trough Earthquake Earthquake Map
Great Nankai Trough Earthquake

Yokohama City provides free seismic diagnosis of houses and subsidies for seismic retrofitting work so that wooden houses do not collapse in the event of a major earthquake. Click here for information on free seismic diagnosis and subsidies for seismic construction.
Guidance of wooden house earthquake-resistant diagnosis specialist dispatch system (Housing and Architecture Bureau earthquake-resistant diagnosers
Guidance (Housing and Architecture Bureau homepage)

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