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Disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage promotion training support

We dispatch adviser in area to live and support local disaster prevention activity.

Last update date August 19, 2020

About dispatch of adviser

(1) Dispatch area ... ... ..., 40 area degree

(2) It is degree in ... ... ..., 1 area for 2-3 hours a day in the dispatch days

(3) In dispatch number of people ... ... ..., 1 area, it is two advisers

(4) We coordinate with local person about ... ... ..., schedule on the dispatch date and time.

About the training contents

(1) [earthquake] Product for single-family houses ※The end of this year acceptance
[lecture 1]
Local environmental understanding
[lecture 2]
Introduction of practical example

○We learn about characteristic of area to live.
○We introduce activity of disaster prevention organization of town.

[group work 1]
"Let's know local disaster prevention environment"

[group work 2]
"Let's think about the prior preparation on the basis of local characteristic"

○Using map, we discover dangerous place, resources which can conjugate at the time of disaster.
○We argue what we should do in area every hatsuwazawaigo, elapsed time.

(2) [earthquake] Product for apartments ※The end of this year acceptance
[lecture 1]
Local environmental understanding
[lecture 2]
Disaster prevention measures in apartment
○We learn about characteristic of area to live.
○We introduce disaster prevention measures in apartment.

[group work 1]
"Let's think about disaster prevention measures using drawing of apartment"

* Using drawing of apartment, it is section of structure of apartment and apartment disaster prevention
We confirm title.    

(3) [storm and flood damage] Making of my timeline
[lecture 1]
What you should possess for storm and flood damage beforehand

○About the risk or weather information in area to live
We learn.

[group work 1]
"Let's make my timeline"
* We understand storm and flood damage and make each person's evacuation action plan.

  With my timeline

Application requirements

●We can find the in principle more than seven training participants

●We can secure schedule of 1st (2~3 time degree)

About conduct on the basis of new coronavirus infectious disease measures

While new coronavirus infection spread is cautious of,

We hold after having carried out every possible infection prophylaxis.

In conduct, we hope that we have you adjust about the details as follows and be thorough.

Infectious disease prophylaxis (in detail) in support (PDF: 110KB)


To the following applications after filling out required items,
By mail, FAX or E-mail, apply for the following addresses within one month before conduct preferred date.

Application (word: 22KB)
Offer essential point (flyer) (PDF: 343KB)

※Based on the situation of new coronavirus infectious disease, we adjust dispatch day.


Mail: 〒 231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau area Disaster Prevention Section
FAX: (045) 641-1677
TEL: (045) 671-3456
Email: [email protected]

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General Affairs Bureau crisis Management Department area Disaster Prevention Section

Telephone: 045-671-3456

Telephone: 045-671-3456

Fax: 045-641-1677

E-Mail address [email protected]

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