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"Evacuation shelter" establishment, administration manual

Last update date July 1, 2020


This manual settled procedure that administration committee members and refugees established evacuation shelter all in one body and ran from earthquake occurrence using during 72 hours as an indication.
In establishment, administration, it is important to act for mind at the following points.

  • All the members of refugee taking support of administration in evacuation shelter
  • Only people of the governing board do their best too much, and do not get tired
  • Area where there are at-home damaged dwellers cooperating with evacuation shelter at the time of disaster closely

In the governing board from usual times, we will share about this manual.

We devised point of establishment, administration of evacuation shelter on the basis of new coronavirus infectious disease!

The main story (July, 2019 some revision)

About "evacuation shelter" establishment, administration manual (July, 2019 some revision), please download from the following.

Collective version

It is for the division

Video version

As you summarized this manual in video, please utilize this.
"Evacuation shelter" establishment, administration manual (Youtube) (the outside site)

Material (July, 2019 some revision)

About material (July, 2019 some revision), please download from the following.
Please use as reference materials to make up for "evacuation shelter" establishment, administration manual.

Collective version

Material (PDF: 3,961KB) (collective version)

It is for the division

Base establishment administration starter kit in consideration for difference in needs of man and woman

In affected areas, various troubles under the cover of confusion at the time of disaster occur. Above all, at refuge, it is important that woman prevents outbreak of the situation that can talk about requests such as security of locker room and childcare space with nobody and criminal outbreak for women in blind spot.
We decided to prevent such a secondary disaster (man-made disaster) so that anyone could take shelter in the evacuation shelter in peace in hatsuwazawaiji and made brochures which gathered up matter that consideration was necessary in base. We have establishment, administration of base conjugate and would appreciate your working on base administration in consideration for difference of man and woman positively.

  1. The "making of refuge which included viewpoint of woman" brochure (PDF: 1,185KB)
    Check list (PDF: 554KB) after normal (the surface)
    Check list (PDF: 363KB) of hatsuwazawaiji (establishment, administration) (the back side)
    Layout example of gymnasium (PDF: 957KB) (spread side)
  2. Indication (PDF: 161KB) such as locker rooms
  3. Consultation organization guidance flyer (PDF: 480KB)

Point of establishment, administration of evacuation shelter on the basis of new coronavirus infectious disease

From evacuation shelter establishment, administration manual (July, 2013 development), we gathered up point of response to new coronavirus infectious disease in reference to ways of thinking of country and the prefecture, other cities.
We would appreciate your utilizing this booklet for establishment, administration of evacuation shelter.

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